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  • QEP stands for Quality Enhancement Plan. A QEP is a five-year plan that is part of the reaffirmation process and is developed by the college community to enhance student learning in some specific measurable way.
    The QEP development process was a campus-wide initiative involving students, faculty, staff, members of the Board of Trustees (BoT) and the President’s Council. The process was purposefully broad and recursive in nature to elicit community support through faculty retreats and discussions, student focus groups, staff involvement, and input from local businesses. QEP sub-team members reviewed data, designed plans, researched best practices, analyzed community input, and refined approaches throughout the various phases of development. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) Leadership Team, the QEP Director, and the QEP Team provided oversight.
    Early in the process, we identified deficiency in student writing as a main area of concern and one of three potential focus areas for the QEP. The QEP Team reviewed input gathered from discussions, focus groups, emails, and an informal vote, and recommended written communication as the QEP topic area. The Hodges University SACSCOC Leadership Team accepted this recommendation and announced writing as the final QEP topic area. After reviewing the literature, the QEP sub-teams gathered and analyzed assessment data that identified transference of writing skills as a valid concern. This process led to the decision to implement a  Writing in the Disciplines initiative as the focus for the QEP.
    Writing in the Disciplines, better known as WiD, gives students practice with the language conventions of a discipline as well as with specific formats typical of a given discipline to help students adhere to format and style guidelines typical of the professional genres about which they are learning.
    Writing—Your Path to Success is a program level WiD initiative designed to integrate WiD best practices and establish programs and services to support and enhance discipline-specific discourse communities throughout the Hodges culture. Strategies include establishing program-specific writing expectations, providing support for faculty in WiD courses, providing online WiD resources for students and faculty, and professional development to train faculty in WiD best practices.

    Writing—Your Path to Success will  improve students’ ability to write effectively within disciplines by focusing on specific student learning outcomes based on current best practices and specialized to the Hodges University student body needs. We developed a comprehensive assessment plan that uses multiple measures to assess student learning, as well as QEP progress.

    Student Learning Outcomes
    Objective 1: To improve students’ basic writing skills.
    Objective 2: To improve students’ ability to write effectively within the disciplines.

    Program Outcomes
    Objective 3: To implement WiD initiatives within the academic programs.
    Objective 4: To provide training, support and resources for students and faculty.

    Writing—Your Path to Success represents a cultural shift in the way that students and faculty perceive writing in the disciplines and will touch the whole university community.  We will roll out WiD initiatives to the undergraduate academic programs in phases. Each phase will involve WiD training, development, syllabus modification, and implementation in at least one course in each program.
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