• Writing – Your Path to Success

    Writing – Your Path to Success is Hodges University’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).

    What is a QEP?

    QEP stands for Quality Enhancement Plan, and it is part of a university-wide initiative to improve the quality of education for Hodges University students.


    The purpose of Hodges University's Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) is to improve students' ability to write effectively within disciplines (your area of study).


    The QEP's objectives are to integrate Writing in the Disciplines (WiD) best practices and to establish programs and services to support and enhance discipline-specific discourse communities throughout the Hodges University culture. 


    Strategies include mentoring and support for students and faculty in WiD-focused courses, implementing a faculty professional development program to train faculty in WiD, and establishing program-specific writing expectations, and reviewing placement and assessment policies and procedures as they relate to QEP initiatives.

    Summary of Key Strategies:

    Writing—Your Path to Success - Key Strategies for Success
    Taking faculty feedback and best practices into consideration, the design team narrowed the QEP to the following key strategies:

    1. Appointing WiD leads from the faculty to be responsible for the development of program-specific WiD initiatives within the academic programs
    2. Establishing a virtual WiD Resource Center that will be available to all Hodges students and faculty. Program-specific writing guides, informed by best practices and designed by program faculty, will be posted and maintained on the WiD Resource Center site.
    3. Using a writing coach to assist discipline faculty in WiD-specific courses to ensure consistent application of WiD guidelines and the writing process
    4. Professional development to train faculty in WiD best practices.
  • Minnette Smith
  • Minnette Smith
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