• Alan Horton receives the 2015 Humanitarian of the Year Award.
  • Humanitarian of the Year Award

    Hodges University’s Humanitarian of the Year Award recognizes individuals who exemplify the spirit of benevolence and public service in its community. Since 1997, the Hodges University Humanitarian of the Year luncheon has become an anticipated, respected, and celebrated event.

    Each individual who has been named a Hodges University Humanitarian of the Year has brought his or her own unique qualities and vision to the award. Whether a pioneering businessperson in the community, anonymously donating money to people in need, informing the public of events that affect their lives, or creating a unique brand of business that empowers a population, our awardees have all made important philanthropic contributions and understand that donations of time and money can make a difference in providing for a more positive tomorrow.

    2016 Honoree:

    Alan Korest


    Past Humanitarian Award Honorees

  • Alan M. Horton

    2015 - Alan M. Horton

    Dudley Goodlette

    2014 - J. Dudley Goodlette

    John R. Wood

    2013 - John R. Wood

    Dr. William and Nancy Lascheid

    2012 - Dr. William & Nancy Lascheid

    Dolph and Sharon vonArx

    2011 - Dolph & Sharon vonArx

    Judy, Katie, & Jennifer Sproul

    2010 - Judy, Katie, & Jennifer Sproul

    Terry & Christine Flynn

    2009 - Terry & Christine Flynn

    Jerry & Arlene Nichols

    2008 - Jerry & Arlene Nichols

    Truly Nolen

    2007 - Truly Nolen

    Michael Watkins and Ellin Goetz

    2006 - Michael Watkins & Ellin Goetz

    Clyde Butcher

    2005 - Clyde Butcher

    Peter Thomas

    2004 - Peter Thomas

    William J. Schoen

    William J. Schoen

    Frances Pew Hayes

    2002 - Frances Pew Hayes

    Earl G. Hodges

    2001 Earl G. Hodges

    Corbin Wyant

    2000 - Corbin Wyant


    1999 - J.R. "Jack" Humphrey

    Myra Janco Daniels

    1998 - Myra Janco Daniels

    Lavern Gaynor

    1997 - Lavern Gaynor

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