• Student Printing Policy
  • Student Printing Policy

    Beginning October 2016, the new pay-for-print system and university student printing policy went into effect, reducing excessive printing on both campuses. Hodges University had historically funded 100 percent of the costs for printing on both campuses for students and guests. The previous policy, along with overall community growth, has resulted in a continued increase in the volume of printing and copier services. The decision to implement the new system and policy was made very carefully in order to be an environmentally friendly institution and to live within reduced budget constraints. For more information, please refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQs) below.

    How much will printing cost?
    Regular Paper (8.5 x 11): Black & White 0.10 per sheet | Color 0.35 per sheet
    Special Paper (11 x 14): Black & White 0.15 per sheet | Color 0.40 per sheet
    Special Paper (11 x 17): Black & White 0.15 per sheet | Color 0.40 per sheet

    Will this change apply to all students?

    Will this change apply to both campus locations?

    Where are printer/copier machines located?

    • Fort Myers Library, on the first floor of the H-building
    • Naples Student Lounge, on the first floor of the Stock building

    How do students pay for printing?
    Each printer/copier machine has a cash machine connected that will accept coins (excluding pennies) and bills (including $1 and $5 bills).

    What if a printer/copier machine malfunctions?
    If the machine malfunctions while performing a print/copy job, please go to a Library representative or to an IT Help Desk representative. The IT Department will inspect the machine that malfunctioned, obtain information about the print job that was not processed and will be able to reprint the job on another printer/copier machine.

    Can a user print now and pay later?
    No. The user must have the appropriate funds paid before the printer/copier machine will print.

    What if a user makes a mistake, select and print the wrong job?
    It is the user’s responsibility to cover the cost of all print/copy jobs and/or any mistakes.

    Does a student have to pay for printing that an instructor requires?

    How do I reduce my printing?

    • Print duplex whenever possible
    • Edit online
    • Proofread documents before printing
    • Print only needed information
    • Read material online
    • Download articles and/or documents to a flash drive
    • Talk to instructors about best practices for reducing printing for a course

    Doesn’t the Student Services Fee pay for printing?
    No. Tuition expenses does not cover printing costs. The Student Services Fee cover multiple areas, including technology expenses, clubs and organization costs, student service expenses, tutoring costs and library expenses, which include personnel expenses and maintenance of library operations. This does not include copy paper, toner or printer/copier maintenance.

    Can customers who are not affiliated with Hodges University print on campus?
    Yes, but they are also required to pay for all printing/copying.

    What if there are other questions a user may have?
    If a user has additional questions, please contact Auxiliary Services at universitystore@hodges.edu or (239) 938-7770.

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