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  • Student Success

    The Student Success Centers are located in or near the library on both the Naples and Fort Myers Campuses at Hodges University. The Office of Student Success provides a welcoming and informative environment where students receive support in navigating a successful university experience and reaching educational and career goals. The department offers resources and support in the following areas: academic and career advising, career services, orientation, scholarships, student accommodations/ADA, and other student retention initiatives.  Student Success representatives will assist with all things related to navigating a student’s university experience at Hodges University.  Student Success will also offer referral resources in the community, educational seminars and workshops.  Students may email success@hodges.edu or call 239-938-7730 with questions or request for services.


    New students, as well as those returning to the University, are encouraged to complete the online orientation program developed by Student Success. The orientation will introduce students to resources available for academic success and support students in navigating the university experience.

    Student Guidance and Advocacy

    Student Success representatives provide guidance to students with questions and concerns, making connections to resolve problems that may arise. Counseling referrals are available as necessary. Advocacy and advisement for personal concerns often times begins in Student Success. Students should reach out to their academic success advisor as the primary point of contact for questions and concerns.

    Academic Advising

    Hodges University is dedicated to each student’s academic success, and to support in navigating the university experience each student has a designated Academic Success Advisor. Advisors at Hodges University assist students with course selection and educational planning to ensure a successful university experience. Academic Success Advising is centralized in the office of Student Success and Advisors are assigned to students based on their degree program and academic school. Hodges University students are encouraged to build relationship with their Academic Success Advisor and connect on a regular basis for guidance and support with their educational goals.


    The purpose of the Hodges University scholarship program is to supplement the resources of students to the extent possible to enable them to begin or to continue university studies. All students are eligible to apply for scholarships, with the exception of those receiving tuition discounts/waivers as part of other university agreements or policies.

    Career Services

    Career Services provides career counseling to assist you in landing the job of your dreams. From drafting your resume to interview tips and job search tools, we're here to guide you.

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