Student Financial Information

Office of Student Financial Services 

Hodges University’s Office of Student Financial Services provides student account and billing information; receives payments for tuition and fees, and delivers refunds and financial aid residuals after disbursement.

It is our mission to assist students with information needed to make informed financial decisions, to determine student account balances, to process and record cash receipts in accordance with the Generally Accepted Account Principles and to maintain compliance with federal and state financial regulations.

We are here to help you with all of your financial needs while attending university.


Contact The Office of Student Financial Services

Please call (239) 938-7760 with any questions or concerns you may have related to your student financial account.

You may also email to request additional assistance.

Pay Your Tuition and Fees

Online – payments can be made by credit card (MasterCard, VISA or Discover) or by electronic check by going to myHUgo.

Mail – check payments can be mailed to the Office of Student Financial Services, 4501 Colonial Blvd. Fort Myers, FL 33966. Please include your student ID number on the check. Please do NOT mail cash payments (we gladly accept cash payment in person).

Phone – credit card (MasterCard, VISA or Discover) or electronic check payments can be made by calling (239) 938-7760.

In Person – make credit card (MasterCard, VISA or Discover), check or cash payments in-person by going to the Office of Student Financial Services located on the Naples or Fort Myers campus.

Payment Plans

Hodges University offers a tuition & fee payment plan per semester while enrolled. Payment plans allow you to spread their tuition & fee payments over a set amount of installments per semester. Payment plans can include tuition cost, program fees/tuition differentials, course fees, lab fees, and other mandatory fees. In order to sign up for a payment plan, please contact a student account specialist within the Office of Student Financial Services by calling (239) 938-7760 or emailing Students may also come by the Naples or Fort Myers campus to set up a payment plan.

Tuition Due Dates

All payments are due, in full, by the first day of the initial class per 4-month period or 6-month subscription (UPOWER™ only). For more information, please see below.

If you are utilizing a payment plan, please consult with a student account specialist regarding the due dates for each payment.

Please note: Payments are due by the deadline whether or not you receive a statement prior to the due date.

Hodges University Student Financial Services. College student making notes and studying for his degree

Students Receiving Financial Assistance

Financial aid recipients must have their accounts reviewed and approved by the Office of Student Financial Services before a refund may be issued. If financial aid is adjusted, you may owe back for refunds issued to the Federal Department of Education or Florida Department of Education based on the original aid amount disbursed.

Adjustments to financial aid can be the result of a change in credit hours, a change in the student’s eligibility for certain types of aid or failure to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

Students receiving financial assistance covered by Title IV of the 1992 Higher Education Act who officially withdraw will receive a refund in accordance with the Higher Education Amendments of 1998. Hodges University will determine how much Title IV aid a student has received and not earned at the time of complete withdrawal. The amount of aid earned is calculated on a prorated basis.

Student Refunds

Dropping Classes at Hodges University 

Students who drop one or more classes during the scheduled adjustment period will be eligible for a reduction of tuition/fees of the dropped course.

Drop Schedule 

Class Length Last Day of Drop

4-week 2nd day (Tuesday)

8-week 4th day (Thursday)

16-week 8th day (Monday)

UPOWER™ 8th day (varies)

Withdrawing from Hodges University 

Tuition refunds for students who officially withdraw through the Office of Student Success will be made according to the following schedule, for complete withdrawal purposes only. The date the student notifies the Office of Student Success of withdrawal is considered the date of withdrawal.

Percentage of Refundable Tuition per Class Length 

Class Length Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6

4-week 50% 30% 0% NA NA NA

8-week 90% 60% 30% 0% NA NA

16-week 90% 90% 60% 45% 30% 0%

UPOWER™ 50% 50% 50% 50% 0% NA

Refund Information

As each course begins for your month start period (4-month period), your financial aid eligibility will be evaluated based on your enrollment status to determine if/when financial aid is disbursed and if/when a student will receive a refund. A student’s enrollment status is based on the credit hours they are actively enrolled in.

Students should be aware that they will not receive a refund until all tuition and fee charges have been paid in full. The earliest any credit may be produced on a student’s account will be at least 32 days after tuition and fee charges have been paid in full.

Please see the Enrollment Status Guide below to review a student’s financial aid eligibility based on active credit hours.


Enrollment Status Less-Than Half-Time Half-Time 3/4-Time Full-Time

Active Credit Hours 1 – 5 6 – 8 9 – 11 12 or more

Federal Pell Grant* 1/4 Eligible 1/2 Eligible 3/4 Eligible Full Eligibility

Federal SEOG* Ineligible 1/2 Eligible 1/2 Eligible Full Eligibility

State EASE Grant* Ineligible Ineligible Ineligible Full Eligibility

State FSAG* Ineligible Ineligible Ineligible Full Eligibility

Federal Loans* Ineligible Full Eligibility Full Eligibility Full Eligibility

*Dependent on student’s eligibility for federal/state financial aid.


Please see refund date information below concerning the monthly starts for September (18SEP), October (18OCT), November (18NOV), and December (18DEC) 4-month periods. Customers Bank’s division, BankMobile Disbursements, processes all Title IV student credit balance refunds for Hodges University.


Start Month Program Type Date Range Initial Refund Date

September 2018 Traditional 9/3/18 – 12/30/18 October 9, 2018

UPOWER™ 9/1/18 – 2/28/19

October 2018 Traditional 10/1/18 – 2/3/19 November 20, 2018

UPOWER™ 10/1/18 – 3/31/19

November 2018 Traditional 11/5/18 – 3/3/19 December 18, 2018

UPOWER™ 11/1/18 – 4/30/19

December 2018 Traditional 12/3/18 – 3/31/19 January 22, 2019

UPOWER™ 12/1/18 – 5/31/19


Subsequent disbursements refunded every Tuesday, dependent on all tuition/fee charges being paid in full.

Textbooks / Resource Fees

Hodges University’s Office of Student Financial Services has dedicated textbook solution representatives that are here to help provide information for course materials used in classes (physical textbooks, e-books, access codes, etc.), how the resource fees are assessed, pricing for all resource fees and course materials, and how to confirm your textbooks for each semester.

Learn more about Hodges’ resource fees and its program for course materials.

Current Resource Fee Pricing

Student Financial Information, Textbook Resources. Staff assisting college student with financial and textbook services

Tax Benefits for Higher Education, Using The 1098-T Tax Form

The American Opportunity (formerly Hope) and Lifetime Learning tax credit may be available to you if you pay higher education costs. To assist you in claiming these credits, Hodges University will file the 1098-T tax form with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) by March 31st of each year.

This information in no way represents tax advice from the university, as it is the responsibility of the taxpayer to determine eligibility for the credit. Please do not contact Hodges University regarding tax advice for this credit. To obtain more information on the American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning tax credit, please refer to IRS Publication 970 – Tax Benefits for Higher Education or contact the Internal Revenue Service directly at (800) 829-1040. For specific questions concerning information provided within the 1098-T tax form, please contact Hodges University at (239) 938-7760.

1098-T Tax Form FAQs


Customers Bank acquired Higher One, Inc. in June 2016. Customers Bank’s division, BankMobile Disbursements, processes student financial aid refunds for Hodges University as well as several other higher education institutions throughout the United States.

In the fall of 2015, the Department of Education issued revised cash management rules that pertained to federal Title IV funds and the bank accounts offered to students through agreements between financial and educational institutions.

Hodges University does not receive any compensation from BankMobile Disbursements. Our partnership allows our students to receive their financial aid refunds by secure and efficient delivery methods.

One of the requirements of the revised cash management rules is that each educational institution discloses their contract with a vendor who handles federal Title IV funds. Click here to view our institution’s contract with BankMobile, a Division of Customers Bank.

BankMobile Contact Information

Customer Care by Phone


Hours of Operation: 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. EST, 7 days a week

Customer Care by Email

Email your question to our Customer Care agents by logging in to your account and clicking on the FAQ button. Click Email Support Team and complete the form. Your note will be sent securely to BankMobile.

Automated Service Line


Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

BankMobile Website

Vibe Account ATM Access

Students using a BankMobile Vibe account have access to Allpoint ®, the largest surcharge-free ATM network. To find an Allpoint ® ATM near you, visit   

Third-Party Billing

When an organization, not owned by the student or their family member(s), makes a commitment to pay the educational expenses of a student, they are considered a third-party sponsor by Hodges University. When payment is due on a student’s account, the sponsor is billed by the University. This payment process is considered to be third-party billing.

Sponsor’s payments are subject to the same federal reporting requirements as other financial aid. Some sponsorships do not require a billing invoice and are administered by the university through the Office of Student Financial Services.

Whether you are a student or a sponsor, you will find answers in the frequently asked questions (FAQs) about how third-party billing works and how payments are processed. If you have additional questions or need more information, please contact the Office of Student Financial Services at (239) 938-7760 or

Third-Party Billing FAQs for Sponsors

Third-Party Billing FAQs for Students

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