Welcome to Student Experience

From newly enrolled to alum, we are your official guide center to help you be a successful student here at Hodges University. Our offices are located in or near the library on the Fort Myers Campus at Hodges University. Additionally, we are available for all students by phone and/or text as well.

Our department offers resources and support in the following areas:

Academic Advising

  • Orientation

Career Services

  • Students
  • Alumni
  • Employers

Student Accommodations/ADA

  • Accommodation Requests
  • Special Needs Services

Student Services

  • Student Grievances
  • Student Discipline
  • SAP Plan Assistance
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We are here to help. Please email success@hodges.edu or call 239-938-7730 with questions or need to request services.

Support Services

Academic Advising

Academic Success Advising is centralized in the office of Student Experience and Advisors are assigned to students based on their degree program and academic school. You are encouraged to build a relationship with your Student Experience Advisor and connect on a regular basis for guidance and support with your educational goals.


New students, as well as those returning to the University, are encouraged to complete the online orientation program developed by Student Experience. The orientation will introduce you to resources available for academic success and support you in navigating the university experience.

Student Guidance and Advocacy

Student Experience Advisors provide guidance to you with regard to questions and concerns, making connections to resolve problems that may arise. Counseling referrals are available as necessary. Advocacy and advisement for education concerns often times begins in Student Experience. Students should reach out to their academic student experience advisor as the primary point of contact for questions and concerns.

International Student Information

Hodges University is dedicated to your academic success, and to support you in navigating the university experience you will be assigned a designated Student Experience Advisor. The advisors at Hodges University assist students with course selection and educational planning to ensure a successful university experience.

F1 students should refer to the International Students Guide or the Maintain Your Status Homeland Security websites for the information you’ll need to keep your student status. If you have any questions, contact a Designated School Official (DSO) in the Office of Student Experience.

Career Services

The Office of Student Experience also provides career advice to assist you with landing the job of your dreams. From résumé rules to interview tips, we are here to help guide you.

Student and Alumni Assistance

  • Career exploration and assessment
  • Employer and labor market information, including on-campus recruitment and job fairs
  • Connect with CareerSource Southwest Florida who is committed to helping you find a position you’ll love
  • Online job board ( www.collegecentral.com/hodges)
  • Post jobs targeting students and alumni at our school
  • Search jobs posted at our school

Employer Assistance

  • Post your company’s job and internship opportunities on our online job board (www.collegecentral.com/hodges)
  • Add your company’s website link to our Local Employers’ page
  • On-campus recruitment through the Employer Spotlight Program
  • Free advertisement for special hiring events
  • Participation in job fairs
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Student Accommodations

We are committed to providing equal access and equal opportunity to our students. Students with a disability concern should contact us to schedule an orientation to the institution, or to discuss any necessary support required for completion of an academic program. Anyone needing assistance should contact their assigned Student Experience Coordinator directly or email success@hodges.edu; phone: 800-466-0019.

More information about student accommodations can be found in our Student Handbook.

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Student Services

Student Grievances

Hodges University is committed to maintaining an educational environment free from discrimination and harassment and our objective is that student concerns are addressed promptly and resolved in a fair manner for all parties involved. If you feel that any condition affecting you is unfair, discriminatory, or creates unnecessary hardship, contact the Student Experience Department as soon as possible so that we may work toward a resolution.

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Hodges University has established academic and behavioral standards and guidelines to develop student awareness and responsibility to the University community and the institution. Students in violation of the Student Behavior Standards are subject to a formal process while the allegations are evaluated and a determination of possible disciplinary action is made.

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