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Advantages Of Attending Hodges U For Your Online Degree or Certification

Because we’ve designed our degree pathways for online learners, you’ll find advantages that are superior to other online universities.

  • Professors are available to answer your questions. We are a full-service university offering both traditional and online programs. Our faculty makes themselves available to you to answer your questions and help you succeed. Plus, our faculty exceeds the rigorous teaching criteria required for regional and programmatic accreditation.
  • Our degree programs are fully engineered for adult learners. Flexibility in every program is what makes us unique. We aren’t just a university offering online courses. We are a university committed to your success.
  • You won’t be compromising quality for convenience. We are a regionally accredited online university. Regional accreditation is more stringent and requires student outcomes that exceed national accreditation levels. With Hodges U, you get a better education.
  • Our professors have real-world experience. They may provide you with skills that you can apply to your current career. Begin using the skills you learn today.
  • Canvas is the online platform we use for online course delivery, making peer interaction and instructional support readily available. Instant messaging, virtual office hours for instructors, recorded lectures, and real-time conferencing capabilities are all available in the Hodges University online learning experience.

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Are You Ready For Online Learning?

Learning online requires a positive mindset and the determination to see a task through to completion. We believe in you, and we know you have what it takes to learn online. But with so many demands on your time, it’s essential to ensure that you fully understand what is involved in an online program. Learning online isn’t easier, but it can certainly be a superior choice that allows you to complete your higher learning educational goals.

Understand what it means to be an online learner. Flexibility is the key to online learning. You can learn around your work and family schedules, in the time you have during your lunch break and before or after work. Maybe for you, it’s early in the morning or after everyone else has gone to bed. Whatever your schedule, it is possible to take online classes. Synchronous, asynchronous, technology-enhanced, simulcast, and live lecture online courses may all be available within the landscape of higher education. There can be some challenges, too. Online learning can take more time than traditional learning (example: a one hour class with a lecture and discussion can turn into more time online after you read the lecture and write your discussion points out for the instructor’s review). If you typically require quite a bit of direction from the professor, online learning may be more difficult than a blended learning environment. We offer many approaches to learn; choose the one that fits you.

Characteristics that make online learners successful include excellent written communication skills, the ability to read and comprehend subject matter quickly and efficiently, strong math skills, the ability (and desire) to work independently without supervision, and being self-aware enough to see your future path while taking the initiative to persevere through a challenge. You will need the ability to schedule the time to study and to follow your designated plan even when something arises that might sidetrack you. Don’t worry if some of these skills seem overwhelming. Our staff is here to make learning accessible to everyone.

Ability to make positive connections with similar individuals while learning online. It is much easier to succeed when you have a positive support system to help you through your online learning program. You will experience some challenges, and every one of them will be worth it when you hold your degree in your hand. Having positive role models and a support system that can provide you with all that you need to reach your end goal is integral to your success. You’ve got this!

Know your motivation. The reasons why you’ve decided to attend school online will affect your ability to learn. Know and understand your motivation for choosing to go back to school and learn online. For many, learning online allows them to continue working while they pursue higher education so that they might earn more income. Keep your motivation at the forefront so that you can remember it when learning seems tiring or grinding. You will invest both in yourself and of yourself in an online program. Your time is one of the greatest investments you’ll make. The effort you put into your online learning will directly correlate to how well you perform in your courses. You will also be making a financial commitment to yourself. Investing money in your education will give you larger returns in the end. We know you can do it, and deep down, so do you!

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