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English Grammar Online at Hodges University, speak english with confidence

Thrive With Online English Grammar Courses From Hodges Connect!

Welcome to Hodges University’s Online English Grammar Program, a sequential system for understanding English grammar patterns from basic to advanced skill levels. Our self-paced online program has been designed specifically for adult non-English speakers to understand grammar and speak English confidently. Gain the skills you need in nouns, verbs, clauses, and adverbials. These skills may help you expand your ability to use English effectively and intentionally and/or increase income-making opportunities!

This course is for individuals who need the flexibility to learn online, have access to a smartphone or mobile device, maybe shy or embarrassed to communicate in a classroom or interpersonal environment, and/or want an English course designed to deliver quality online English lessons at an affordable price. Start the Online English Grammar Course today!

This is a non-degree-seeking course offered as part of the Hodges Connect Professional Education and Training Program , where we connect you with the employer demanded skills you need to succeed.

Get Started at the Beginning: English Grammar Online Courses 1, 2, & 3

Understand how to identify and use nouns, pronouns, articles, adjectives, possessives, both present tenses and the past tense of Be. Learn how to capitalize, make questions, and contract to enhance comprehension and spoken fluency.

Beginning: $299

  • English Grammar 1
  • English Grammar 2
  • English Grammar 3
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Continue with Intermediate Level: English Grammar Online Courses 4, 5, & 6

Understand how to identify and use simple and progressive tenses in present, past, and future time, make comparisons and requests, and seek and give advice and permission. Learn how to combine sentences and use phrasal verbs and linked forms to enhance comprehension and spoken fluency.

Intermediate: $299

  • English Grammar 4
  • English Grammar 5
  • English Grammar 6
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Finish with Advanced Level: English Grammar Online Courses 7, 8, & 9

Understand how to identify and use all simple, perfect, and progressive tenses, adjective and noun clauses, active and passive voice, and hypothetical conditions. Learn how to express necessity, possibility, probability, and hopes and wishes in all tenses and in a variety of scenarios. Additionally, learn about the rhythm and intonation of English speech to enhance comprehension and spoken fluency.

Advanced: $299

  • English Grammar 7
  • English Grammar 8
  • English Grammar 9
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Take An Online Course That Teaches You How To Use English In-Real-Life.

  • Access all 9 courses using any mobile device.
  • Each course consists of Interactive Learning, Tests, Pronunciation Practice, and Usage Strategies.
  • Unlimited test retakes.
  • Course taught by Dr. Leisha Cali, Director of ESL, with more than 28 years of field experience teaching English.
  • Purchase all 9 English Grammar Levels for $795 or purchase Beginning, Intermediate, and/or Advanced for $299 each.

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Hodges University english grammar online, speak english with confidence

More About Dr. Leisha Cali, Director of ESL and Hodges Online Program

headshot of Dr. Lisha Cali

Dr. Leisha Cali, Director of ESL, has been with Hodges University since 2004. She has over 28 years of experience and combines her research and practical experienced developed from teaching students English as a Second Language over the past 15 years to deliver language learning strategies that work.

She’s developed the Online English Grammar course specifically for those who may not be able to visit a campus in-person.

Here’s what you can expect.

  • Self-paced alternative programs accessible through Canvas using any mobile device.
  • Grammar courses designed to help you understand the meaning behind the spoken and written word.
  • Helps you level-up your skills beyond survival English, which can impede personal and social interactions, as well as financial opportunities.
  • Tests range from multiple choice to fill-in and can be taken as many times as a student likes.
  • Learn high-frequency vocabulary rather than extensive vocabulary, allowing you to communicate most effectively.
  • Learn ways to develop and build vocabulary in the Practical Application videos in each lesson.
  • Get more for your money with coursework in accent, stress, rhythm, and melody – areas often neglected in traditional and online programs.

In short, Hodges University’s English Grammar Online program is designed so that you can understand how grammar really works and learn how to speak with confidence!

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