Paul Haisman

MBA 2013
Chief Technology Officer at American Joint Replacement Register (AJRR)

People often seek motivation from a variety of sources when earning a college degree. Whether it is found in family, career aspirations or a positive mindset, motivation is what keeps people moving forward in pursuit of an education. For Hodges alumnus Paul Haisman, it was a reminder “that the time now was an investment in my future.”

Earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Illinois State University, he began a professional career in information technology, which stemmed from his interest in technology when he was a young child. “I have always had a passion for technology, which likely began when I was 8 years old after trading all my baseball cards for a Commodore VIC-20 computer,” he explained.

As a result of the changing roles in his profession, Haisman sought additional educational opportunities. Graduating with a Master of Business Administration from Hodges University in 2013, he admits that Hodges was not his first choice; however, after enrolling at another university, he quickly realized that the curriculum was not at the educational level he was seeking with regard to his professional experience and investment. Learning about Hodges’ MBA program, he was intrigued by the program’s heavy focus toward working professionals, as well as the distinguished faculty who possessed real-world experience.

“The professors are a great resource, and it took me awhile to gain the confidence to ask questions in order to fully understand the expectations and the subject matter material,” he said. “I recall a few occasions where I was not sure about due dates or related subject matter material and found my professors were always willing to help and answer questions at any time – even beyond office hours, if needed. This is the type of dedication that makes Hodges really stand out in my opinion.”

For students contemplating Hodges University, Haisman says, “Take charge of your future and persevere. Obtaining a degree or accomplishing anything worthwhile takes work, dedication and sometimes a little sacrifice. There will never be a good time, so don’t wait and go for it.”

Since graduating with his MBA, his role in the technology field has progressed into business and operations management, which has included managing technology departments and developing strategies to integrate with an organization’s strategic direction.

Currently, Haisman serves as the chief technology officer for the American Joint Replacement Register (AJRR), a national registry for total joint replacement, in Chicago, Illinois.  The AJRR works to improve care for patients receiving hip and knee replacements, Haisman added, “AJRR collects and reports data to enhance orthopaedic quality of care, improve patient outcomes and safety, reduce costs, and advance orthopaedic science and bioengineering.”

Working with individuals who also possess MBA degrees, he strongly believes in the MBA program offered by Hodges, saying, “The MBA program at Hodges gave me the tools, knowledge and confidence to be able to quickly adapt to any organization or industry to effectively and efficiently solve business challenges.” Believing the education he received at Hodges is as valuable as that offered by other leading business schools in the nation, he admits to feeling capable and prepared.

“I have always been motivated by new challenges and lofty goals,” he said. In 2013, Haisman received the Academy of Achievement Award from the College of Applied Science and Technology (CAST) at Illinois State University for “demonstrating a career of thought leadership, which has helped inspire students to pursue a similar path.” On a personal level, Haisman turns to his family, saying, “I have been married for more than 20 years, have two amazing children, run and have finished two marathons, and look forward to what life has in store for me in the future.”

While the future remains unknown, Haisman hopes the utility patent he is awaiting from the United States Patent and Trademark Office will come to fruition. “I filed a patent as a solo inventor for a unique and innovative playground swing structure design concept,” he said. Admitting that the idea came to him in a dream, it inspired him to develop prototype models, which led to the decision to file the patent. “This is something that completely came out of nowhere, and I have no idea where it will lead.”

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