Kylee Cromie

Biomedical Sciences 2017

Special Recognition: October 2016 Student of the Month

Semester of anticipated graduation:  
Summer 2017

Career goal:  
Physician Assistant

Tell us a little about yourself and your life:  
I was born and raised in Hermitage, Pennsylvania. I moved to Southwest Florida nearly four years ago. I am very close with my parents, my brother, and my sister, who is now currently attending Hodges University. I also enjoy watching movies, TV, and am very interested in cinematography.  I love the warm weather here in Florida and go to the beaches whenever I can. I am in my third year at Hodges and am currently a tutor for the university, as well as a full-time student. I thoroughly enjoy every minute here along with the great staff who make you feel so welcomed.

What are your hobbies/extracurricular activities?  
My favorite extracurricular activity is volunteering. I like to help the community out in any way possible. There is a personal satisfaction when I am able to help others.

What has been your favorite class at Hodges University?  
The course I enjoy most is Chemistry because I enjoy the combination of math and science. I also enjoyed Microbiology because of the incredible significance microbes hold on our life.

Who are some of your favorite professors and why?
Dr. Megan Shoff is one of my favorite professors at the university. She is a very genuine person who has the best interest in mind for all her students. I have taken two classes with her, which included Biology II with Lab and Microbiology with Lab. She made each class a joy to attend because her passion for science and teaching was present at all times. My other two favorite professors are Dr. Curtis Chapman and Dr. George Sarantos. I had Dr. Chapman for Chemistry II with Lab. He really pushed my studying abilities to a whole new level by making me work harder. I had Dr. Sarantos for Anatomy and Physiology I and II with Lab. He really helped me understand Anatomy and Physiology despite it being a tough course. He is a great teacher who is always encouraging his students towards success.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced and how did you overcome it?
The biggest challenge I had to overcome was becoming accommodating to attending school year-round. I overcame it with time, and now I prefer going to school year-round. Whenever there is a break, I get bored because I have no school assignments to complete.

What does receiving a degree at Hodges mean to you?
A Hodges University bachelor’s degree in biomedical science means the beginning of a whole new life for me. It provides the stepping-stone towards graduate school and my career in the medical field.

What is one piece of advice you would give to students who are considering Hodges University?
I would advise any students who are contemplating on attending Hodges to commit to the school because it will be the best decision of their academic career. Hodges is like a family where they genuinely care about the success of their students.

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