Johnny Dorrine

Business Administration 2014 & 2017
Banker at BB&T

A native of Haiti and the first in his family to earn a college degree, Hodges University alumnus Johnny Dorrine is passionate about his education and future dreams of becoming a successful business leader. Faced with difficulties and personal loss during his time at Hodges, he has persevered and overcome his circumstances to focus on the future.

“Hodges University has a great reputation for educating our leaders within the community for more than a quarter of a century. The university continues to grow stronger every year,” he said.

Starting at Hodges as a student in the English as a Second Language program, Dorrine quickly completed his courses before pursuing an Associate in Science in business administration, saying, “I wanted to gain the necessary skills and strategies to be an effective business leader.”

During his time at Hodges, Dorrine was faced with much tragedy. In January 2010, a massive earthquake struck the capital of Haiti. “More than a quarter of a million people died and millions were homeless and hopeless,” he shared. He lost many close friends and family in the devastating earthquake, and the following year, lost a cousin and grandmother. The tragedy, unfortunately, did not stop there as he also lost his sister. The stress placed on him mentally took its toll, and he decided to take a year off from college to be with family and friends.

“I needed to get myself together and strengthen my mind. However, I overcame all of this by staying positive and realizing that it was all out of my hands,” he said.

Returning to Hodges, he earned his associate degree in 2014 and decided to continue his education and pursue a Bachelor of Science in business administration with a minor in international business. Aspiring to become not just a local, but a globally successful business leader, Dorrine took advantage of opportunities to network with individuals while a student.

As a member of the university’s diversity committee, he worked closely with Chief Diversity Officer Gail B. Williams, promoting the university within the community. As a university ambassador, he helped to represent the university by spreading the news about its programs.

“The school is not just teaching you the knowledge you must have in order to be on top of the game, but you also learn survival techniques needed to thrive against all odds and competitors,” he explained.

Becoming a familiar face on Hodges’ campuses, Dorrine completed his bachelor’s degree in 2016 but has not slowed down when it comes to his involvement within the community. As a young leader and professional in many organizations, he serves as a Guardian ad Litem, which is a court-appointed individual who advocates on behalf of children who are abused, neglected or abandoned.

“I personally believe if we need a better world, we must apply and accustom ourselves with the Golden Rule, ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ Show compassion and empathy with no malice towards everybody regardless of their differences and beliefs,” he said.

In addition to his time spent advocating for children, Dorrine currently serves as a banker with BB&T, saying, “That's where everything I've learned in the classroom really comes in handy. I have the confidence to wake up every day, go to work and apply what I have learned.”

From the technology to the innovation to the skills-based knowledge learned while at Hodges, he credits professors such as Dr. Aysegul Timur and Dr. Miguel Rivera for their dedication and ability to connect classroom instruction to real-world workplace scenarios.

“I am grateful to Hodges for the charming welcome they personally showed me and the dedication of its faculty and staff toward the students. One thing I truly admire is that once you become a student, they don't just view you as a client, they treat you as their family. They partner with others to make scholarships available for the students, and I am where I am today because of the unique learning strategy the school uses to make sure its students stand out from others in the real world.”

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