• Photo of Carrie Kerskie, director of the Identity Fraud Institute.
  • Identity Fraud Institute

    We live in an era of rapid change and much has shifted in the higher education landscape. One of the changes is that the Identity Fraud Institute (IFI) will no longer be a stand-alone institute supported by Hodges University; however, the university remains devoted to the fight against identity theft. One way this will be accomplished is by offering consumer workshops, taught by Carrie Kerskie, through the university’s Frances Pew Hayes Center for Lifelong Learning (CLL). Information on these workshops will be announced in the coming months. Further, the university wishes to continue to support the efforts of the Collier Identity Theft Task Force. Carrie Kerskie, as a member of the task force, will work as the liaison between the university and the task force.

    With your support, the IFI was able to accomplish much. When the Collier Identity Theft Task Force and the IFI began, Naples was third in the nation for identity theft complaints. The 2017 Sentinel Report revealed that Naples dropped to number nine nationwide for identity theft complaints. News such as this reinforces the need for continued vigilance and updated information about identity theft mechanisms and prevention.

    Here are some accomplishments of the IFI:     

    • Community Forums       
      • Five total in Collier, Lee, and Charlotte counties.
    • Community Presentations
      • More than 70.
    • Community Awareness
      • Partnered with WINK news to provide community awareness.
      • Segments aired Monday nights during the 5:30 p.m. evening news.
      • More than 60 weekly segments have aired since 2017.
    • Consumer Workshops
      • More than 30.
    • Professional Development & Continuing Education programs
      • More than 10 for accounting, legal, financial, health care industries and small businesses.
    • National Conference – Organizational Privacy Summit
      • 76 participants.
      • 62% were from outside Collier County.
      • 17% were from outside Florida.
      • Generated a profit, a major accomplishment for a first-year conference.
    • Victim Assistance
      • Average three calls or emails per week.               
      • More than 300 victims assisted.
      • Cost savings to the community - $495,000 (based on 200 hours, average time, per victim at the minimum wage).

    Thank you for your support over the past three years!

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