• Maintain your eleigibility for Financial Aid and complete your degree with Hodges University.
  • Maintaining Your Financial Aid Eligibility


    Follow these instructions to register for the next semester. Enrolling in less than six credit hours can affect financial aid eligibility. Please speak with a representative from the Office of Student Financial Services for more information.

    FAFSA Renewal

    After filing the federal tax return, a student can complete their renewal FAFSA online with their FSA ID. Utilizing the IRS Data Retrieval Tool can quickly import and link tax information directly from the IRS.  Students that need assistance completing their renewal FAFSA are welcome to stop by the Office of Student Financial Services to speak with a dedicated representative.  After completing the renewal FAFSA, a representative from the Office of Student Financial Services will notify the student if any additional information is needed.

    FAFSA Verification

    The Office of Student Financial Services will receive an electronic record of a student’s information once the FAFSA has been completed and submitted.  A representative will review the FAFSA to determine whether or not it was selected for a process called verification.  If selected, information and/or documentation will be needed in order to complete the verification process.  This includes a completed Verification Worksheet and other supporting documentation.  If inaccuracies are found in the review process, the FAFSA will be reprocessed with the correct information.

    To maintain eligibility for financial aid, there are numerous policies that students must adhere to:  

    • Standards of Academic Progress (SAP)
    • Repeat Policy
    • Official Withdrawal Policy
    • Unofficial Withdrawal Policy
    • Refund Policy

    For more information, please review the University Catalog. For additional information regarding financial aid, please seek guidance from an Office of Student Financial Services representative before changing educational goals.

    Financial Literacy

    Federal Direct Student Loans help cover educations costs; however, student loans must be repaid. Hodges University awards student loans after eligibility for grants, scholarships and Federal Work-Study is considered. The University participates in the Federal Direct Student Loan Program and loan disbursements are funded directly from the U.S. Department of Education. The University reminds students to limit the amount of debt by borrowing wisely and managing student loans to plan for repayment. Financial literacy programs are essential to borrowing student loans responsibly and avoiding loan default.

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