Zonta Honor And Empowerment Event A Success

Zonta Club of Naples’ Honor and Empowerment event held at Hodges University was a great success!

Community leaders and participants gathered at our Naples Campus on April 18, 2018, to learn more about empowering themselves and their community at Zonta’s Honor and Empowerment event.

Hodges’ is pleased to have hosted this event in partnership with the Zonta Club of Naples. Speakers included Gail Williams, Chief Diversity Officer, Hodges University; Dr. Nairruti Jani, FGCU; Precious Green Gunter, FGCU; and Keith Grossman, Esq. Thank you to each of the speakers who provided great insight.

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Sharon Henry-Woodby, MD, Zonta Chair, Advocacy Committee says:

The Club is fortunate in being able to collaborate with Hodges University, Office of Diversity and Inclusion to create this symposium. Our objective is to provide information and education on how to “ Empower Your Voice To Advocate For You”. Forward thinking organizations such as Hodges University, meet the needs of communities in Southwest Florida and serve as an asset integral to educating students to become leaders . Their vision is an inclusive and diverse one which aligns with the mission of Zonta Club of Naples.

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Gail Williams, Chief Diversity Officer at Hodges University is an asset at helping us to achieve cultural diversity within the community. Watch for future events hosted by our Diversity and Inclusion department.Learn About Future Events

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