Hodges Gains Blue Zones Recognition

Hodges University is the first higher education institution in Southwest Florida to earn the Blue Zones designation for a workplace for both campuses. The Blue Zones initiative promotes changes that can lead to a longer and healthier life.

In the November 8, 2018 issue of Naples Daily News, Hodges was featured as one of several organizations to receive Blue Zones recognition. According to Dr. John Meyer, president of Hodges University, “Our faculty and staff have very enthusiastically embraced this initiative to the point that we have announced a 30,000-mile challenge. In 2020, Hodges University will celebrate its 30th anniversary, so an especially healthy and meaningful way to do that is to have all of us at Hodges log the number of miles we walk each month, with the goal of reaching 30,000 miles.”

Additionally, Hodges students, faculty and staff are encouraged to use the stairs and designated Blue Zones parking spaces that encourage more walking. The university has also hosted plant-based cooking classes.


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