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  • Online Learning Requirements

    Hodges University is invested in your success. In order to ensure that success, we require that you complete the following requirements in order to enroll in our Online Learning programs:

    1.  Windows-based computers should be equipped with an audio output device (headset or speakers), a webcam, Microsoft Office 2013 plus a supported browser (Chrome or Firefox recommended). Mac users should be running OS 10.8 or higher with Safari browser as well as access to a high-speed Internet connection (DSL/cable modem).
    • For Mac Users:  While Macs are supported for basic access to resources housed in the My HUgo Portal, some courses will require the use of the Windows Operating System and the Windows edition of Microsoft Office 2013 (e.g. CAP1000 and CAP2000 courses). Utilities which will allow you to run Windows within the Mac environment are available online. However, these are up to the student to install and maintain as Hodges cannot work on students’ personal computer equipment. 
    • Some of Hodges University's online technologies utilize the Java plugin that ties in with your web browser of choice. Java and web browsers in general are regularly updated by the manufacturer, frequently for the purpose of patching potential security issues. It is the end-user’s responsibility to maintain current, patched versions of the software, while still complying with the more general software requirements specified by Hodges University, and to stay apprised of any software updates that may be required to patch security issues.
    1. Certain online courses require synchronous (real-time) sessions where a webcam is utilized.  Additionally, a headset with attached microphone is highly recommended for best audio quality.
    2. Proctored final exams are required in online courses. Hodges University has partnered with ProctorU, a nationally recognized online proctoring service, to ensure academic integrity.
    3. Have a working knowledge of Microsoft Office 2013, email and Internet browsing. If you do not possess your own copy of Microsoft Office, you can utilize Office online using the Hodges University Virtual Lab.
    4. Work closely with an admissions coordinator who will assist you with all aspects of the admissions process, including:
    1. Completing the appropriate admissions exam as necessary.
    2. Completing transcript request forms for all previously attended institutions.
    3. Contacting a financial aid officer and/or business officer to learn about payment options.  
    1. Complete the new student online orientation after registration.

    If you have any questions about the above requirements, contact us. We can help!

  • International Students

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