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  • Graduate Admissions

  • Submit your application for admissions.

    Shortly after your application is received and reviewed by the admissions team, an admissions coordinator specializing in your area of academic interest will contact you by phone and by email to set up an appointment.

    The application for admissions is a four-page electronic application that takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes to complete. You will be asked to provide information regarding:

    • program of Interest, location and mode of study;
    • personal contact information;
    • citizenship status, date of birth and Social Security number;
    • academic history;
    • employment; and
    • demographic information.

    International candidates may have additional information required.

    There is an option to pay the $20 undergraduate application fee, or the $50 graduate application fee, before submitting the application.

    Speak with your Admissions Coordinator, set up a candidacy interview.

    This interview may be conducted over the phone with candidates, or in-person at either our Naples or Fort Myers campuses. The purpose of the interview is to help candidates determine if Hodges University is the right fit for their educational needs and to develop a better understanding of what to expect as a student at Hodges University.

    During the interview, you will explore qualification requirements for institutional and programmatic acceptance. Expect a 20-40 minute conversation with an admissions coordinator. The following topics will be covered:

    • A prior academic review and credit transfer discussion.
    • Review of academic curriculum and degree overview with career outcomes.
    • Mapping schedule, weekly time investments and time to completion estimation.
    • Motivation and goals for pursuing your education and navigating potential obstacles.
    • Tuition, programmatic costs and opportunities available to help students pay for school.
    • Necessary documentation requirements.
    • Start date selection and moving forward with the candidacy process. 

    Submit your proper documentation to your personal candidacy team.

    The team consists of your admissions coordinator, financial aid advisor, registrar and student accounts coordinator. Each person serves a unique function and works to assist you through the process as smoothly as possible.

    The type of documents necessary for a candidate may vary based upon the candidate’s program of interest, academic history, method of payment and citizenship status. Your advisor will guide you through this. Below is a list of common documents and forms:

    • Application with $20 undergraduate or $50 graduate fee.
    • Academic transcripts from all previous institutions of enrollment. You can order a transcript from National Student Clearinghouse. If your school is not listed in the National Student Clearinghouse database, you may access a printable transcript request.
      • Unofficial transcripts may be used for candidacy approval, but Hodges University requires all candidates provide official transcripts within 30 days of starting classes.
    • For candidates applying for federal financial aid in the form of loans, you will need to submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application. We will guide you to this form and assist you with completion.
    • A copy of a valid form of personal identification – driver’s license or passport.
    • An admission essay (may be waived for certain candidates).

    Acceptance, Registration and Orientation.

    If accepted into Hodges University, you will be notified by your admissions coordinator and receive an official letter of acceptance. Your admissions coordinator and the registrar’s office will assist you with selecting and registering for your courses.

    New student orientation will take place a few days before the term begins, and you will receive notification of time and dates for each campus. Attendance is highly recommended. If you plan on taking your program fully online or may choose to add some online courses to your campus-based program, please review the student technology preparedness checklist

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