• Hodges University Schools
  • Hodges University Schools

    Hodges University comprises five schools: Fisher School of Technology, Johnson School of Business, Nichols School of Professional Studies, School of Health Sciences and School of Liberal Studies.

    Fisher School of Technology

    Hodges University understands that computer skills are in great demand in virtually every job market. A prospective employee with computer training will have a great advantage over one with little or no training. Students in the Fisher School of Technology benefit from having current hardware and software in dedicated technology classrooms and are taught skills that are necessary to land great careers in technology-driven fields. Students can graduate from Hodges University not only with a degree but also with a number of industry certifications.

    View the Fisher School of Technology Programs of Study.

    Johnson School of Business

    Hodges University’s Johnson School of Business provides students with a hands-on approach to today’s business world, with classes taught by top business professionals with real-world experience. Research studies show that today’s organizations are looking for people who can think critically, solve problems, and work with and through employees from all disciplines. Skills like these are developed in leading-edge programs like those offered by the Johnson School of Business at Hodges University.

    View the Johnson School of Business Programs of Study.

    Nichols School of Professional Studies

    Hodges University’s Nichols School of Professional Studies has developed programs that meet the growing needs of our global community. Surveys continually demonstrate that today’s global organizations need leaders who see the big picture and who have the training to make the vision a reality – problem solvers and critical thinkers with research skills, people skills and broad talents.

    View the Nichols School of Professional Studies Programs of Study 

    School of Health Sciences

    The health care industry is booming in Florida, as well as throughout the country, and the need for trained and qualified health care professionals has never been greater. Hodges University’s School of Health Sciences offers a wide variety of health care degree programs that provide the education required to fill the growing number of positions in the health care field. Students receive instruction from experienced faculty with real-world experience in health care.

    View the School of Health Sciences Programs of Study

    School of Liberal Studies

    Hodges University’s School of Liberal Studies provides students the foundation of knowledge that will support them through their academic and professional careers. Hodges' Quality Enhancement Program (QEP) and English as a Second Language Program are both housed within the School of Liberal Studies.

    Learn more about Hodges University's English as a Second Language Program.

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