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Associate Degrees
A.A. Associate in Arts
Accounting AS.ACG 52.0301 O*NET BLS
Business Administration AS.BUS 52.0201 O*NET BLS
Computer Information Technology AS.CIT 11.0901 O*NET BLS
Emergency Medical Services (Paramedic) AS.EMS 51.0904
Healthcare Office Administration AS.HOA 51.0705 O*NET BLS
Paralegal Studies AS.PL 22.0302 O*NET BLS
Professional Communication AS.PCOM 09.9999 Broad career application
Physical Therapist Assistant AS.PTA* 51.0806 O*NET BLS
Bachelor's Degrees
Accounting BS.ACG 52.0301 O*NET BLS
Applied Psychology BS.AP 42.2813 O*NET BLS
Business Administration BS.BUS 52.0201 O*NET BLS
Computer Information Technology BS.CIT 11.0901 O*NET BLS
Criminal Justice BS.CJ 43.0104 O*NET BLS
Cybersecurity and Networking BS.NETS 11.1003 O*NET BLS
Finance BS.FIN 52.0801 O*NET BLS
Health Sciences BS.HSCI 51.1199 Broad career application
Health Services Administration BS.HSA 51.0701 O*NET BLS
Interdisciplinary Studies Broad career application
Aviation Studies BS.IDS.AVS 49.0101 Broad aviation application
Digital Design & Graphics BS.IDS.DDG 50.0102 O*NET BLS
Management BS.IDS.MGT 52.0201 O*NET BLS
Legal Studies BS.IDS.LS O*NET BLS
Diversity & Inclusion Studies BS.IDS.DIV 30.23 O*NET BLS
Legal Studies BS.LS 22.0000 O*NET BLS
Management BS.MGT 52.0299 O*NET BLS
Modern Marketing and Branding BS.MKT 52.1401 O*NET BLS
Nursing BS.NUR 51.3801 O*NET BLS
Software Development BS.SOF 11.0201 O*NET BLS
Master's Degrees
Master of Accountancy M.MACC 52.0301 O*NET BLS
Master of Business Administration M.MBA 52.0201 O*NET BLS
Master of Science in Applied Positive Psychology M.MAPP O*NET BLS
Juris Master MS.JRM 22.0000 O*NET BLS
Master of Science in Management MS.MGT 52.0299 O*NET BLS
Animation Design (undergraduate) C.AD 09.0702 Broad career application
AutoCAD Drafting (undergraduate) C.ACD 15.1302 Broad career application
Bookkeeping 52.0302 O*NET BLS
Cybersecurity (graduate) C.SEC
Database Management (graduate) C.DMGT
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leadership (graduate) 30.23 O*NET BLS
E-Business Software (undergraduate) C.EBS 11.0202 Broad career application
E-Business Ventures (undergraduate) C.EBV 52.0208 Broad career application
eDiscovery and eLitigation (undergraduate) C.EDL 22.0299 O*NET BLS
English as a Second Language C.ESL 23.0101 Broad career application
Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination (graduate) C.FAFE 43.0117 O*NET BLS
Graphic Design Production (undergraduate) C.GDP 11.0803 Broad career application
Help Desk Support (undergraduate) C.HDS 11.010311 Broad career application
Information Technology Support (undergraduate) C.ITS 11.010313 Broad career application
Practical Nursing 51.39 O*NET BLS
User Experience (UX) & Web Design (undergraduate) C.UEWD 11.0801 Broad career application
Networking Specialist (undergraduate)
Risk Management 52.1701 O*NET BLS
Substance Abuse Awareness and Treatment (undergraduate)

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