• Photograph of Hodges University Graduates.
  • Hodges University Mission

    Mission Statement

    Hodges University—a private nonprofit institution—prepares students to leverage higher learning in their personal, professional and civic endeavors.

    Vision Statement

    Hodges University will be recognized for excellence in career-focused inclusive education and community engagement.

    Institutional Pillars 

    • Programmatic Excellence
    • Operational Effectiveness
    • Community Engagement
    • Institutional Growth

    Institutional Objectives

    Programmatic Excellence

    • Continuously improve Hodges’ product portfolio to meet community and employer needs.
      • For academic programs, increase the likelihood of student enrollment, retention, graduation and employment.
      • For non-academic programs, serve community needs and the interests of participants.
    • Develop innovative programs for unmet, emerging and future needs within our communities, for the benefit of regional employers and our students.
    • Put on hiatus or retire programs that no longer meet institutional and community stakeholder objectives.

    Operational Effectiveness

    • Attract and retain a qualified, diverse workforce and increase the positive impact of individual employees.
    • Implement process improvements that increase efficiency and that improve the quality of service to students and other stakeholders.
    • Focus efforts on the financial health of the institution.

    Community Engagement

    • More effectively share the Hodges story with students, faculty and staff, alumni, friends of the University and our communities, and implement initiatives—often through partnerships with stakeholders—that serve our communities.
    • Develop innovative ways for students to interact with the broader community so that the Hodges experience is broader, deeper and more relevant.
    • Recognize the geographical opportunities and responsibilities that are present in Southwest Florida, the state of Florida and our region.

    Institutional Growth

    • Strengthen Hodges’ network of individuals and institutions to expand the institution’s sphere of influence.
    • Secure new external revenue sources (scholarships, grants, support of capital projects) to support the institution.
    • Build toward the future through effective strategic planning and implementation.
  • Spotlight on Success
    Jamie Carioggia
    Jamie Carioggia, Applied Psychology & Clinical Mental Health Counseling 2010 & 2016
    A valuable education leads to career fulfillment for Jamie Carioggia.
  • Featured Program

    With a bachelor's degree in finance from Hodges University, you'll develop the analytical skills and knowledge you need in the growing and lucrative business field.

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