• Photograph of Hodges University Graduates.
  • Hodges University Mission

    Mission Statement

    Hodges University provides transformational, learner-driven educational opportunities.

    Vision Statement

    Hodges University, with local roots and global reach, will be a prominent learning organization providing diverse educational experiences.


    Respect: Valuing the talents and dignity of each individual.
    Inclusion: Engaging all members of our communities by building on their varying perspectives, experiences, and traditions.
    Integrity: Conducting all of our interactions and activities in an ethical manner.
    Excellence: Providing superior educational experiences and services.

    Strategic Priorities and Goals

    Student Success
    Provide educational experiences and support services that enable students to reach their educational goals.

    • Implement strategies to support student retention and persistence to graduation.
    • Continually increase placement of students in careers or professional opportunities.
    • Develop and promote activities to increase student engagement.

    Academic Excellence
    Provide outstanding programs through relevant programming, faculty professional development, and effective use of educational technology.

    • Design and implement educational programs and strategies that are reflective of market trends and meet regional and global educational needs.
    • Build and retain an excellent, diverse faculty.
    • Enhance student learning through initiatives designed to improve academic programs.

    Administrative Effectiveness
    Pursue excellence in all of our administrative operations.

    • To implement product or process improvements that will increase efficiency, improve quality of service, increase customer satisfaction, or support fiscal responsibility.
    • Attract and retain qualified, diverse personnel.
    • Increase the effectiveness of the institutional workforce.

    Community Engagement
    Enhance the university’s stature and reputation as a leader in the community by working closely with our many partners in the communities we serve.

    • Create and foster beneficial relationships with our communities, alumni, donors and friends of the University.
    • Design and implement initiatives that serve our communities.

    Institutional Sustainability & Growth
    Develop and implement initiatives to ensure current and future needs and aspirations of the university are met.

    • Research, plan and develop educational experiences that increase enrollment.
    • Ensure the long-term fiscal sustainability of the institution.
    • Develop an institutional brand that differentiates and increases the visibility and image of Hodges University.
  • Spotlight on Success
    John P. Pedraza, Digital Design & Graphics
    The professors at Hodges do a great job pushing me to do better and become more creative.
  • Featured Program

    Interdisciplinary Studies
    Expand your career options with an associate degree in interdisciplinary studies from Hodges University, a nonprofit, accredited university.

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