Michael Enright

Computer Information Technology 2003
Director of Software Development and Quality Assurance at Interop Technologies

My Background

I was the eldest of six children, and money was always tight when I was growing up. I decided at a young age that I wanted a career where I could live comfortably. I attempted college after graduating from high school, but financial reasons kept me from continuing. Working as a waiter to support my family of four, I knew I could be doing better for myself and my family.

Why I Chose Hodges

I agreed to visit Hodges University with a friend who was preparing to enroll. While I was there helping him out, I decided this was the perfect time and school for me to continue my education as well. I knew I could focus primarily on night classes and still provide for my family.

In today’s world, everything is readily accessible because of the advancements within the field of technology. From software and app development to cybersecurity and forensics, there is an abundance of opportunities for students to enter the technology workforce and succeed. Michael Enright is one of these successful individuals who embraced the opportunity to turn his dream of becoming a software engineer into a reality.

“I was always fascinated by computers, but we could not afford one, so I cherished the moments I got to play with one at a friend’s house or at school,” said Enright.

As the eldest of six children, money was tight growing up. Deciding at a young age that he wanted a career where he “could live comfortably,” he attempted college after graduating high school, but financial reasons kept him from continuing.

Mike EnrightWhile working as a waiter to support his family of four, Enright knew there was more to life than waiting tables, saying, “I knew I could be doing better for myself and my family.” Agreeing to visit Hodges University (known as International College at the time) with his friend, who was preparing to enroll, Enright was unaware of the decision he was about to make for his own life.

“While I was there helping him out, I decided this was the perfect time and school for me to continue my education as well. I knew I could focus primarily on night classes and still provide for my family,” he said.

In January 2000, he enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in computer information technology program. While the program provides students the opportunity to learn about a wide variety of technology-based applications and information systems, students also strengthen their skill sets within a particular area of expertise. For Enright, he decided to pursue the software track after taking Introduction to Programming, saying, “Dr. Nelson saw in me the passion and skill for software engineering, and he fostered it. I ended up being his teaching assistant (TA) for a couple semesters.”

His passion for the field and work as a TA led Enright to receive Hodges’ Student of the Year for computer information technology in 2002. It was also during this time that he found himself working 70 hours per week at two jobs as well as going to school full time. Keeping his GPA at 3.96, Enright admits that 18-month period was one of the most challenging.

Since graduating in April 2003, Enright has worked his way up in the technology world. Joining Interop Technologies in 2007, he climbed the ladder moving up from software engineer to senior software engineer to software development manager to finally, director of software development and quality assurance.

Overseeing a department of 20 engineers, he admits, “My meteoritic rise over the last 10 years at my current company is quite the accomplishment. I came in as a software engineer, and now I am running the department.”

Using the core skills learned while as a student, he continually works to solve industry and customer technology issues and credits Hodges for providing the fundamental foundation for which he continues to build upon in his career.

Featured in Hodges’ “Follow the Leaders” campaign, Enright is grateful for his experience at Hodges and encourages others to pursue their dream careers, saying, “Hodges is a great school that will help you build a solid foundation. However, an education can only take you so far. It is up to you to take what you learn at Hodges and go after the career you want. Take that foundation and build on it, brick by brick.”

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