Lucia Rodriguez Diaz

Health Services Administration 2019

Special Recognition: August 2017 Student of the Month

Semester of anticipated graduation:
Fall 2019

Career goal:
Health care is changing more rapidly than almost any other field. I would love to have an opportunity to make a significant contribution to improving the health of the communities that many important organizations serve.

Tell us a little about yourself and your life:
I was born and raised in Cuba before moving to United States in 2013. I graduated from the English as Second language (ESL) program at Hodges University in 2014 and started working in a store as a cashier with my knowledge gained from my English class. In May 2015, I enrolled in Hodges’ Associate in Science in healthcare office administration (HOA) program, which I finished in April 2017. Deciding to continue my education, I am currently working on my bachelor’s degree in health services administration (HSA). I am work-study at the bookstore, and I spend most of my time at school. I am 23 years old and love to spend time with my little dog (Sasha) and my fiancé Alen; they are my biggest supporters. 

What are your hobbies/extracurricular activities?  
 I am a member of the Allied Health, Ambassador and Communications clubs, and I volunteer in different activities to help the community.

What has been your favorite class at Hodges University?  
It is hard for me to decide which classes are my favorites because I believe all of them have had an impact on my education.

Who are some of your favorite professors and why? 
All the professors I have had so far are helpful and supportive. To mention a few: Professor Jennifer McCue from my English Fundamental class, and my dear advisor, Dr. Susan Anderson, has been there semester by semester helping me decide which class is best and assisting me through this entire college process.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced and how did you overcome it?  
Of course, the language barrier has been my biggest challenge; I have to learn plenty of new vocabulary words to do my best in class.

What does receiving a degree at Hodges mean to you?  
A degree from Hodges University is a new episode in my life. I will be able to demonstrate how I am capable to do perform in my career with the experience and knowledge I obtained from Hodges University.

What is one piece of advice you would give to students who are considering Hodges University?
Train yourself to get up early. Honestly, nothing good happens super late. Be friendly with people who make you feel good about yourself, who are kind to you, and who enrich your life in new ways without holding you back. Focus on the schoolwork because that should be your number one priority. 

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