Justin Perez

Communication and Health Services Administration

Special Recognition:
November 2016 Student of the Month

Semester of anticipated graduation:
Winter 2017

Career goal:
 I ultimately aspire to work in a training capacity, teaching others how to be better leaders or helping others learn to be better team players.

Tell us a little about yourself and your life:  
I grew up in Lehigh Acres, and I was homeschooled for several years until high school. I attended Southwest Florida Christian Academy, where I graduated valedictorian. I then joined the Florida Army National Guard, and I have spent many years bouncing around the U.S. learning about various aspects of the Army. I am still in the Florida Army National Guard, and I am an instructor at the regional training institute in Florida.

What are your hobbies/extracurricular activities?  
I ride a motorcycle, but it is more than a hobby. I really enjoy going on long trips, and I have traveled to Colorado, North Carolina and Washington D.C, in order to ride some amazing roads. I also enjoy being involved in two clubs at Hodges, the Communications Club and the Ambassadors Club.  

What has been your favorite class at Hodges University?
I think it has been less about the class and more about the people in the classes, the professors and the students. Any classes with Professor [Andrea] Fortin or Dr. [William] Cooney have always had me eager to go to class. In addition, my digital design class was a lot of fun, as I learned a lot about programs I had never used.

Who are some of your favorite professors and why?
I really like Professor Fortin and Dr. Cooney because they are extremely knowledgeable and prepared, and more importantly, they really engage the class with the learning objectives.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced and how did you overcome it?
The biggest challenge is by far time management. For me, the only way to overcome that obstacle is to set a schedule and stick to it no matter what. Calendar reminders, alarms, whatever you have to do, set aside the time for it ahead of time, and don’t wait for the last minute.

What does receiving a degree at Hodges mean to you?
It means I have done it! I will be the first in my family to obtain a master’s degree. I also hope that it will help me be more marketable so I can make more money!

What is one piece of advice you would give to students who are considering Hodges University?
Don’t give up! It is easy to get behind and feel like you can’t make it, or it is “impossible.” I would tell all of you that everyone I have dealt with at Hodges genuinely wants to see me (and you) succeed. When you are at the end of your rope, call your professor, call admissions, call the librarian, get some help and keep going!

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