Ana Alonso

Interdisciplinary Studies 2004
Owner at Ana J. Alonso & Associates LLC.

In 2000, Ana Alonso set out with a steady focus, a can-do attitude and willingness to learn and succeed. Inspired and motivated by her family, she embraced the challenge of returning to school and pursued her goal of earning a bachelor’s degree at Hodges University.

“I believe my childhood and my mother taught me to always strive to be the best I can, to always believe in myself and to never give up,” said Alonso.

Growing up in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Alonso moved to the United States at 3-years-old; however, after the divorce of her parents, she, her mother and her sister moved back to Puerto Rico. Experiencing difficulty with the transition, she never lost hope and remained motivated to do her best.

After graduating high school, Alonso attended her first year of college in Puerto Rico before deciding to move to Miami in 1990. Entering the automotive industry, she worked at a number of dealerships as a warranty administrator.

Moving to Naples in 1999, she went to work for Mercedes Benz of Naples as their finance manager until 2001 when she went to work for Naples Nissan as an assistant manager. Realizing her aspirations were not to remain in the automotive industry, she decided to complete a goal she started while in Puerto Rico, which was to earn a bachelor’s degree.

In 2000, she applied to Hodges because of its flexible schedule offerings and business program. Knowing her goal was to become a business consultant someday, she learned as much as she could to prepare herself for life after college. However, before starting her senior year, the university launched its interdisciplinary studies program, which Alonso admits, “had a diverse curriculum that enhanced all my business courses with social issues, ethics, philosophy and cultural education.” Still aspiring for the same goal, she believed her new major would prepare her in dealing with “diverse people in diverse environments.”

Between work, school and a family, Alonso found encouragement from Hodges staff member Gail Williams, who worked in the university’s billing office at the time. Serving as Hodges’ chief diversity officer, Williams reminded Alonso to not give up. “Gail always said ‘yes you can,’ and she was a perfect example,” said Alonso. Apart from Williams, Alonso found motivation from her son, Andres, saying, “I learned from my son to be disciplined and to do my best like he always did then and does now as a working adult… They say parents learn from their children, and I can say that is so true. He was and still is my inspiration to be the best that I can be.”

Graduating in 2004 with her bachelor’s degree, she decided to become her own boss and started AJA Professional Services Inc. in 2005. Focusing on accounting for small businesses, she wanted to help business owners grow their companies through organized financial systems. In 2011, she changed the name of her business to Ana J Alonso & Associates LLC., and sought the expertise of individuals possessing business degrees to assist in special projects. In 2013, she earned a master’s in accounting.

Ana Alonso“As an accountant and business consultant, I strive to create efficient processes that foster controls, accountability, team work and increasing profits,” she explained. “I tell my clients that having a plan and following through are key to the success of any business. You can make changes to the plan, but always have a plan.”

With her business located in Naples, Florida, and Dallas, Texas, Alonso finds herself using many of the tools and techniques learned during her time at Hodges. From business ethics to management, daily interactions with clients often include applying the knowledge from her interdisciplinary studies and business courses.

“I can honestly say that I attribute part of who I am today to my educational experience at Hodges. I can relate to the challenges of business owners who are wearing many hats just like I did when at Hodges and still do today.”

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