Hodges to offer accelerated terms in January

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Hodges University, known for providing flexible scheduling options for its students, will begin offering shortened accelerated programs beginning in January.
Starting next term, students will have the opportunity to enroll in either full, 15-week courses or in 7 and 1/2-week courses scheduled for either Mini Term A or Mini Term B.
Mini Term A courses will be offered from the start of the semester through the 8th week of the semester. Mini Term B courses will be offered from the 8th week of the semester through the end of the semester.
An accelerated course will be the equivalent of a 15-week course in terms of course objectives, student learning outcomes and credit hours. Typically an accelerated course will meet once a week on campus for 3 or 4 hours with the remainder of the coursework to be completed online. However, some accelerated courses will be offered completely online or on weekends.
According to Dr. Kim Spiezio, Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs and University Provost, an accelerated course is intensive. “Students will be expected to do as much work in an accelerated course as they would in a semester-length class,” he said. “Students should be prepared to devote approximately 20 hours per week to their coursework outside of class. Students also should be comfortable completing course requirements online.
Dr. Spiezio cautions that not all courses will be offered in an accelerated format. “Students enrolled in fundamental English or Math courses are not permitted to take an accelerated course. In general students should not enroll in more than one accelerated course per Mini Term. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis in consultation with a student’s faculty advisor.”
For more information about the accelerated terms at Hodges, or for program information, please call (239) 513-1122, visit www.hodges.edu/admissions or email admit@hodges.edu.

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