Hodges online program named national “Best Buy”

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Hodges University’s online Master of Science in Management program has been independently reviewed and ranked by GetEducated.com as a "Best Buy" for students seeking a high quality, low-cost online graduate degree. The online program ranks #40 among all competing options nationwide.

The Get Educated Management Best Buy ranking is based on a national survey of 69 regionally accredited colleges that offer 100 different online masters in the management and administration subject areas. The survey covered the formal major areas of management and administration. The rankings highlight the 44 most affordable online degrees in this field.

“Hodges top 40 ranking as a Best Buy among online master’s programs recognizes the university as a national leader in the field of online education,” says Vicky Phillips, founder of GetEducated.com. “Its online program offers a high-quality affordable education not just to the residents of Florida but to executives nationwide. Hodges University offers a great model for how private universities with forward-thinking educational teams are combining the credibility of a traditional university experience with Internet technology to better serve America’s working executives.

“In a time when higher education costs have reached critical levels, Hodge’s online programs offer a national model for how educational technology coupled with innovative fiscal practices can help solve the crisis of college affordability,” says Phillips.

Last year Hodges University was also ranked a national Best Buy for IT professionals for its Online Master’s in Information Systems Management.  

Get educated is a consumer group that provides fact-based comparative data on 3,343 accredited online degrees as a service to help over 1.5 million students worldwide locate the highest-quality online education programs in selected career areas.

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