Hodges names Student of the Month for June 2012

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The Academic Committee of Hodges University has named Shauna McGrawthe student of the month for June. The Academic Committee consists of the program chairs and other elected faculty, chaired by the Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Jeanette Brock. Shauna was nominated for recognition by Professor Anne Nocher and Lee Smith, Director of Veterans Services.

“Shauna McGraw serves on Active Duty in the Navy presently as a recruiter in Fort Myers, and has served our country for over seven years,” said Smith.  “Shauna’s determination and dedication are evident in her service in the military, her home life, and at school.”

Professor Anne Nocher writes, “Shauna McGraw has been an exceptional online student. Actively engaged in her coursework, Shauna works harder than other students to get the most out of the instruction she receives, and this is reflected in her command of her material and how she proactively asserts herself online.

“She is a leader for other students who may be new to the online environment, and exhibits best practices as a student to ensure her own mastery, which in turn encourages the mastery of material to her peers. Her leadership and involvement raise the expectations for other students in class.

“I am proud to have taught Shauna, and I look forward to glowing reports of her success she continues to create her own, excellent future. I am certain she will benefit not only herself and her family, but our community and nation as well. I can think of no other student who so richly deserves this nomination and praise, from Hodges University certainly but also the United States Department of the Navy. I am honored to participate in submitting Shauna McGraw as a candidate for Student of the Month.”

As student of the month, Shauna McGraw will receive a recognition certificate and a $100 tuition credit.

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