Hodges University releases winter 2014 Honor Roll list for Naples

Hodges University News

The Naples Campus of Hodges University has released the list of students who have made the Honor Roll. To qualify, students must achieve a grade point average of 4.0 while attending part-time.

63 students were designated for honor roll recognition. The list is comprised of students within Hodges University’s Nichols School of Professional Studies, Johnson School of Business, Fisher School of Technology and the School of Allied Health.

The winter 2014 Honor Roll follows: Johanna Aguilar, Alexandra Almeida, Denise Almodovar Rivera, Sarah Ball, Jared Ballard, Melissa Barker, Jeb Barrows, Rebecca Bopp, Danalyn Cahill, Yusel Cardentey, Ricardo Cardet, Alberto Cardozo Duarte, Alison Carnevale, Silvestra Castillo, Ashley Causey, Cynthia Cole, Tracy Colleran, Lucio Da Silva, Kimberly Daniele, Matthew Embry, Daniel Fine, Kristin Freeland, Sandra Freeman, Mary Gay, Michael Ginson, Daniel Hahn, Donna Hovatter, Stephanie Kenney, Kail Kessinger, Laurie Kramp, Susan Kurtz, Roberto Lewis, Holly Mattausch, Michael Meissner, Julio Nunes, Christopher O'Rourke, Dawn Peplinski, Priscilla Perdomo, Sheila Pierre, Viana Polanco, Jennifer Pretlow, Alba Reyes, Carolina Robbio, Randi Scott, Joseph Scrant, Cynthia Simmons, James Simmons, Brittany Small, Paris Smith, Alison Sosa, Jessica Stevens, Robert Stevens, Holly Stevenson, Jordan Stewart, Stephanie Strohmeyer, Edmund Szeliga, Sherrie Takat, Tina Teets, Gregory Watson, Vanessa Wilson, Carrie Zembrodt and Belinda Zivich.

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