Hodges University alum gives major gift in support of veterans

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Hodges University announced today that a graduate, who wished to remain anonymous, has given the institution a $25,000 gift in support of the school’s student veteran population. The gift is one of the largest the University has received from its alumni.

"It is hard to find adequate words to thank this donor for her extraordinary generosity,” said Phil Memoli, Vice President of University Advancement.  “She wanted to do something significant for HU, and especially in support of veterans looking to Hodges to help them meet their academic and career goals. 

“It was important to this donor to give back to Hodges in recognition of the impact that her education has made in her life. So many of our alumni are succeeding in their careers thanks to the education they received at Hodges, and we are extremely grateful when they decide to give back in whatever way they can to the institution that helped shape their future.”

The donor expressed extreme gratitude for the educational opportunities provided her as a student and became the impetus behind her decision to make the gift. “During that part of my life, Hodges was exactly what I needed to move forward,” she said. “All of the professors were great, they had an open door policy, and when I received my degree, it greatly impacted my career.”

Though not a veteran herself, the donor felt strongly about supporting Hodges and its veteran causes. “I believe veterans are the most important people in our country,” she explained.  “Putting their lives on the line as they do, we owe them a lot of thanks that they do not always get. I can never pay them back for what they’ve done for our country, so this is my personal way to honor them.”

Currently, Hodges has 266 student veterans enrolled, representing over ten percent of the student population. The University provides a Veterans Services Center to provide assistance to veterans in a variety of ways. Hodges is also home to the nation’s first American Legion Post to be located on a college campus and completely student run.

For more information about Hodges University, please call (844) HODGES-U, or visit www.hodges.edu.

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