Hodges University Reignites Alumni Association

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Hodges University has announced the reestablishment of its Alumni Association. Graduates are encouraged to participate and support their alma mater as the school celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Over the last six months, the university has worked with key alumni in forming its Alumni Advisory Council. The 32-member council, led by Brian Hawkins, employer and alumni relations manager at Hodges University, has been working to draw in fellow graduates and advise the university on student services and community relations, as well as leverage the alumni to raise the awareness of the accomplishments and initiatives of Hodges University.

Newly elected officers of the Alumni Advisory Council are Mary Cosmo, president; Barb Fernandez, vice president (Fort Myers); Darlene Mitchell, vice president (Fort Myers); Shawna Devlin Ferenz, vice president (Naples); and Tonda Lawson, executive secretary.

“The Hodges Alumni Advisory Council is a critical piece in Hodges University’s future,” commented Hawkins. ”It is our alumni who have shaped our success and shown southwest Florida, through their accomplishments and leadership, the quality of a Hodges education. Our council will assist in continued community involvement and development of corporate relations to further the Hodges’ mission and brand. Most importantly, the council will assist in developing an early connection with students before they graduate.”

While enrolled at Hodges University, students begin to build strong relationships with classmates and faculty, both within and outside of their field of study. After graduation, the Hodges University Alumni Association (HUAA) is a way for alumni to continue expanding their networks throughout their careers. Because alumni from Hodges University have careers in many leadership roles throughout Southwest Florida, the HUAA is key to the advancement of personal and professional development along with providing an abundance of networking opportunities for future and current alumni alike.

Through the HUAA, graduates will also maintain a relationship with their alma mater and discover multiple tools available to them, including professional development and networking opportunities.

Graduates can find out more about the HUAA by contacting Brian Hawkins at bhawkins@hodges.edu or calling (239) 598-6166. Alumni are also encouraged to email him to update their contact information and with news of awards, accolades, promotions and other professional and personal news to be highlighted in the upcoming editions of the HUAA newsletter.

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