Hodges University Professor to Speak at International Business Conference in London

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Hodges University Professor, Dr. Donald Forrer has been selected to give the keynote speech at the International Business and Education Conference in London, United Kingdom. The conference will take place June 7 -11, 2015, where 51 countries will be represented. Dr. Forrer will also be representing 5 MBA students from Hodges University who co-authored a research paper to be presented at the conference.

Dr. Forrer is a member of the board for Clute Institute and was approached by the institute this past spring to present as the keynote speaker. His presentation, Designing an Efficient and Effective Course for the Traditional Classroom or Online Delivery, will demonstrate the value of a well-designed course in regards to student interaction and quality, stressing the importance of time spent on subject matter over learning the technology used for online classrooms.

"I look forward to sharing tips on course design with educators from all over the world," exclaimed Dr. Forrer. "There are numerous methods of course design, but some leave students confused. I plan to share methodology utilized by Hodges University to ensure that students are learning immediately and not spending wasted time searching for information."

Dr. Forrer along with five MBA students have co-authored a research paper on utility economics and Dr. Forrer will present it later in the conference. The research team submitted their paper for consideration by peer review and, out of 1,035 submissions, was chosen to be one of 290 papers accepted.

"This team of five students from the Johnson School of Business worked extremely hard," commented Dr. Forrer. "The research team found supporting studies and analyzed ten major Florida utilities for existing affordability programs. The team is now excited about presenting this research in London and working on phase two this fall to build a utility rate model to support those in need. There was a time when water was a commodity that families took for granted and cost was not a consideration in the budget; however, that is no longer the case."

Dr. Forrer has a Doctorate in Business Administration and serves as management professor at Hodges University of Naples, Florida. Additionally, Don is the CEO of Cybernetics Concepts, a management consulting team specializing in utility economics. He previously served as Hodges University MBA Director for eight years and has held roles within other institutions and the City of Cape Coral. For more information about the International Business Conference, visit cluteinstitute.com.

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