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Students interested in marketing and professional sales programs, as well as employers looking to hire qualified candidates with particular skill sets will now have another reason to look at Hodges University, who was recently named a “Top University for Professional Sales Education” by the Sales Education Foundation (SEF).  

Featured in the SEF 2017 ANNUAL magazine, SEF recognizes Hodges for preparing students for successful careers in professional selling and helping to elevate the sales profession. The SEF 2017 ANNUAL magazine, their 10th edition, is available on their website, www.salesfoundation.org/SEFAnnual/.

“Our goal is to equip students with the necessary sales courses and skills to prepare them for high-end positions in the workforce,” said Dr. Aysegul Timur, dean of the Johnson School of Business.

Professional sales/selling is one of the most common jobs for students graduating with a sales degree. Recent research suggests that 60 percent of all business majors and 88 percent of all marketing majors begin their professional careers in a sales-related role. 

Sally Stevens, executive director of the Sales Education Foundation, noted that companies should have an increased focus on partnering with university sales programs and hiring their graduates.

In 2016, Timur met with Nate Swan, group vice president of sales at Gartner, to discuss workforce outlook and the need for qualified sales associates. Looking to build up on the marketing program at Hodges, Timur, with the help of Swan and SEF, developed a curriculum for professional sales, which led to the creation of Hodges’ marketing and professional sales bachelor’s program.

“This is the result of a great partnership with Gartner. Nate Swan, as well as other individuals, helped us to structure a great curriculum, in addition to the assistance from the Sales Education Foundation,” Timur added.

For information on partnerships with Hodges’ Johnson School of Business, contact Timur at atimur@hodges.edu.  To learn more about the growing sales education space, contact the Sales Education Foundation at (800) 776-4436 or visit www.salesfoundation.org.

About the Johnson School of Business:
Hodges University’s Johnson School of Business degree programs present a useful blend of business theory and practical skills at the undergraduate or graduate level. Degree options are available for students who are just beginning their careers or for established business professionals. Our benefactor, Kenneth Oscar Johnson was a distinguished chemical engineer, respected petroleum industry executive and a venture capitalist who helped small companies succeed. To honor his legacy of professional excellence, entrepreneurial ingenuity and generous support of Hodges University’s educational mission, the university renamed its School of Business to the Johnson School of Business at Hodges University in 2006.

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