Hodges University Has Clear Direction under New President

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Hodges University President, Dr. David Borofsky, recently unveiled a new direction for the educational institution, including a strategic plan as well as a refined mission and vision. Faculty, staff and leadership participated in an extensive review of the University, its collective beliefs and goals for the future of the organization. The result of that work was a refocused positioning addressing the needs and wants of students, faculty and staff, alumni, donors, partners and the Southwest Florida community.

“This process began in February and will culminate in September when we roll out the complete plan including objectives and action steps,” said Dr. Borofsky. “I am excited that we have created a pathway for our University to follow over the next three years, and I am proud of the extensive involvement of all our employees.”

Hodges University provides transformational, learner-driven educational opportunities.

Hodges University, with local roots and global reach, will be a prominent learning organization providing diverse educational experiences.

New Strategic Priorities

  1. Student Success
  2. Academic Excellence
  3. Administrative Effectiveness
  4. Community Engagement
  5. Institutional Sustainability

Presented and approved by the University’s Board of Trustees in June, additional changes included organizational structuring, tuition and programs. More focused initiatives on the University’s Hispanic Institute and outreach, the Dr. Peter Thomas Veterans Services Center as well as the new Identity Fraud Institute were also discussed, with efforts well under way.

“This strategic direction, unanimously approved by our Board of Trustees, is the next step we are taking to create sustainability for Hodges University,” said Dr. Borofsky. “The plan is dynamic and reaches into every level of the University. “

For more information, please visit hodges.edu or call (239) 513-1122.

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