• Success Stories

    We recognize that Hodges University students are transforming their lives through education. That’s why we work closely with you to understand your particular interests, needs, and aspirations. Read on for stories of our real students and alumni who have experienced this first-hand and get inspired to create your own success story!

  • Alejandro300x200
    Alejandro Sanchez, Health Services Administration 2016
    I can relate the issues presented in class on a daily basis with my current career.
    Ameena Brown, Interdisciplinary Studies
    My goal is to work with veteran students at Hodges or at a Veterans Administration (VA) hospital.
    Amy Saada
    Amy Saada, MPA
    Hodges’ flexible options helped Amy Saada earn her degree.
    Ana Alonso
    Ana Alonso, Interdisciplinary Studies 2004
    I can honestly say that I attribute part of who I am today to my educational experience at Hodges.
    Angela Gary-McClary, Accounting 2004
    Fulfilling Career Aspirations with a Hodges Degree.
    Ashley Colón, Criminal Justice and Applied Psychology 2018
    My classes at Hodges have expanded my way of thinking.
    Barbara Key-Ramos
    Barbara Key-Ramos, Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) 2008
    An Advocate for Students with Disabilities.
    Belinda Zivich 200X300
    Belinda Zivich, Management
    I chose Hodges University because it felt like I was becoming part of a family.
    Brandon Collier 200x300
    Brandon Collier, Digital Design and Graphics 2014
    Brandon achieved independence as a first generation college student.
    Caroline Hanifen, Management
    Hodges has incredible programs and amazing professors.
    Christa Welch, Business Administration
    Going back to college to complete my bachelor's in business administration is one of the best decisions I have ever made.
    Correna Morris, Applied Psychology
    The professors at Hodges are dedicated to helping each student reach their potential.
    Emanuel Segarra
    Emanuel Segarra, Criminal Justice/ Accounting 2016
    Receiving a degree from Hodges means the world to me.
    Gary Evans
    Gary Evans, Applied Psychology 2018
    It means the world to me to get my degree.
    Gene Irvine, Interdisciplinary Studies 2017
    This has been a personal goal of mine, not only to achieve my degree, but also to gain knowledge and education, and set an example for my children.
    Gibranna laCava 200x300
    Gibranna LaCava, Management 2009
    Hodges helped Gibranna LaCava build her confidence and a business.
    Giselle Rodriguez, Management 2000
    Professors with real-world experiences prepared Giselle Rodriguez for life after college.
    Jamie Carioggia
    Jamie Carioggia, Applied Psychology & Clinical Mental Health Counseling 2010 & 2016
    A valuable education leads to career fulfillment for Jamie Carioggia.
    Jennifer Pretlow and her son Nelson
    Jennifer Pretlow, Legal Studies 2012, 2014, 2016
    No distance is too far to earn an education.
    Joelle Beverly
    Joelle Beverly, Professional Studies
    Attending Hodges University was a life-changing experience for Joelle Beverly.
    Johanna Rocha
    Johanna Rocha, Applied Psychology 2017
    Education is one of the most important things in my life.
    John P. Pedraza, Digital Design & Graphics
    The professors at Hodges do a great job pushing me to do better and become more creative.
    Johnny Dorrine, Business Administration 2016
    You can fulfill anything you ever think of for yourself with the right people or institution surrounding you.
    Juan Valdez, Business Administration
    My educational experience at Hodges has provided me with a strong knowledge base in the world of business, business law, and management.
    Justin Perez, Communication and Health Services Administration
    Everyone I have dealt with at Hodges genuinely wants to see me (and you) succeed.
    Kasidit Tipayaosoth (David), Cybersecurity and Forensics 2016
    All of the professors that I have met at Hodges have helped me get to where I am today.
    Kassandra Dafcik
    Kassandra Dafcik, Applied Psychology 2018
    You are not just a student here at Hodges, you are a part of the Hodges community.
    Kay Jasso, Management 2015
    Creating Change with Transformational Leadership
    Kevin Jackson, Information Systems Management 2013
    Adding education to experience was the key to build his business.
    Kylee Cromie, Biomedical Sciences 2017
    A Hodges University bachelor’s degree in biomedical sciences means the beginning of a whole new life for me.
    Lisa Perry 300x200
    Lisa Perry, Physical Therapist Assistant 2016
    I am thankful for the quality of education I receive at Hodges and the caliber of instruction I have received.
    Matthew Doyle, Criminal Justice 2017
    Hodges is a gateway to new opportunities and possibilities.
    Patrick Burns, Cybersecurity & Forensics
    I really enjoy being a member of the student clubs at Hodges and participating in events that support the community and promote Hodges University.
    Paul Haisman, MBA 2013
    Take charge of your future and persevere. Accomplishing anything worthwhile takes work, dedication and sometimes a little sacrifice.
    Paul McCreight 200
    Paul McCreight, Master of Science in Management
    My experience at Hodges encouraged me in a way that I could operate a business and be successful.
    Robyn Crawford 200x300
    Robyn Crawford, Interdisciplinary Studies
    My greatest accomplishment is that, through the help of Hodges University, I was able to become a licensed attorney by the age of 20.
    Sharon Autry, Interdisciplinary Studies 2017
    I hope to use my education to improve the lives of others.
    Shawna Devlin Ferenz, Master of Science in Management
    From a very young age, I saw education as a gateway to empowerment.
    Suzan Gallucci
    Suzan Gallucci , Clinical Mental Health Counseling 2013
    It is never too late to accomplish your goals.
    Ty Belford, Interdisciplinary Studies 2011
    Ty Belford considers Hodges his “Tipping Point”.
    Vanessa Rivero, Applied Psychology 2016
    Since I moved to this country, I have learned that hard work and passion will take you to where you want to be.

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