Diversity Certification Workshop

Location: Hodges University, Fort Myers Campus

About This Event

In partnership with the Society for Diversity, and under the direction of Gail B. Williams, chief diversity officer and certified diversity executive (CDE), Hodges University will be hosting a three-day intensive workshop to prepare candidates for the Certified Diversity Professional (CDP) examination.


  • Diversity certification is an external verification process that assures an employer you have the right mix of knowledge, skills and experience to impact the workplace.
  • Certification represents a declaration of an individual’s professional competence through knowledge and experience.
  • The Society for Diversity offers certification through the Institute for Diversity Certification (IDC)™. In order to receive certification through IDC, individuals must pass a uniform exam and meet additional experience requirements. The credentials awarded will be Certified Diversity Professional (CDP)™.
  • Certification will be offered to diversity officers and practitioners, consultants, and human resource personnel throughout the world.
  • Higher wages for executives, employees and consultants who possess CDE or CDP credentials.
  • A more productive and highly trained diversity resource for employers.
  • Prestige for the individual and a competitive advantage over non-certified individuals.
  • Enhanced employment opportunities.
  • Assisting employers in making more informed hiring decisions.
  • Assisting consumers in making informed decisions about qualified diversity providers.
  • Protection of the general public from incompetent and unfit practitioners.
  • Establishment of a professional standard for individuals in the field of diversity.

To learn more, visit http://www.diversitycertification.org/ or contact Gail Williams at gwilliams@hodges.edu for additional information.


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