Fort Myers Campus - Creating a Strategic Marketing Plan

Location: Hodges University Fort Myers Campus, Kleist Community Room

About This Event

Nonprofits use marketing strategies to connect the community with the organization and its mission. A marketing plan is a powerful tool that can help your nonprofit increase its visibility, connect with more supporters, recruit more volunteers, raise more money and serve more people. This workshop will walk participants through the basic steps of creating a marketing plan that aligns with the organization’s strategic plan and supports their development plan. The session will empower nonprofit leaders to focus their marketing efforts on strategies that are most likely to yield success.

Participants will explore the following issues in creating a marketing plan:

  • What is a marketing plan and why should we have one?
  • Who should be involved in developing the plan?
  • Basic steps in creating the marketing plan
  • Aligning the development plan with the organization’s strategic plan
  • Using the marketing plan to support the development plan
  • Gathering background information
  • Brainstorming: getting creative ideas on the table
  • Evaluating your resources: determine what can reasonably be achieved
  • Developing goals: income-related goals vs. supporting goals
  • Measuring success: objectives and benchmarks
  • Planning for implementation: strategies and action steps
  • Sub-plans: media plans and communication schedules
  • Developing a timeline
  • Strategic implementation teams
  • Evaluation: determining what works
  • Updating the plan

Presenter: Sheryl Soukup, President of Soukup Strategic Solutions, Inc.
Registration Fee: $35
Location: Hodges University, Building H, Kleist Community Room
Address: 4501 Colonial Boulevard, Fort Myers, FL 33966
Category: Operations

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