CNE Naples Campus - The Art and Science of Persuasive Presentations

Location: Hodges University Naples Campus, Stock Building

About This Event

Why do some ideas catch on and others flounder? Why do some nonprofits flourish while others struggle? The secret lies in storytelling, what some experts say will be THE most important business skill of the next five years. Ken Sneeden combines modern research with ancient wisdom to unlock the secretsin his workshop, “The Art and Science of Persuasive Presentations.” While this is NOT a “How-To-Use-PowerPoint” (or Keynote or Prezi) workshop, you WILL learn the fundamentals. 

Presenter:  Ken Sneeden, President, Ken Sneeden & Associates, LLC
Registration Fee:  $35
Location:  Hodges University, Stock Building, White Community Room
Address:  2647 Professional Circle, Naples, FL  34119
Category:  Operations

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