CNE Fort Myers Campus - Understanding the Generational Mix in the Workplace

Location: Hodges University Fort Myers Campus, Kleist Community Room

About This Event

In today’s economy, people are living and working longer creating a new reality in the workplace. For the first time in recent history, there are five generations working side-by-side in organizations. This has become the largest demographic shift since women and members of minority groups began entering the workforce in significant numbers decades ago.

With five distinct generations in the workplace (Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y, and Generation Z/Digital Natives), there are five different approaches to work. Each generation comes to the workplace with unique attitudes and values and skills which are displayed in unique generational characteristics and skills such as creativity, team styles, and leadership. Sometimes this can cause misunderstanding and frustrations.

We will examine these different groups, their behaviors at work, and suggestions for successful communications and interactions across the generations.

Presenter: Robin Larkin, Performance Management Associates
Registration Fee: $35
Location: Hodges University, Building H, Kleist Community Room
Address: 4501 Colonial Boulevard, Fort Myers, FL 33966
Category: Management

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