Student Development and Dean of Students

The offices of Student Development provide programs and services to assist students in adjusting to college, enhancing student life, and representing student concerns.  The Dean of Students supervises Student Development activities and serves as student advocate.

An orientation program is provided to all new students to acquaint them with the programs, services and policies of Hodges University.  The Student Handbook contains details of these resources.  The mandatory orientation is invaluable in adjusting to the institution.

Student Publications
Student publications are available to students online for ease of access, including the Student Handbook, Catalog, and Graduate Bulletin.  Other publications include newsletters, Panther Press and the messenger, and a literary magazine, the Sextant.  Students are encouraged to participate in the development process and writing assignments.

Recognition Programs
Recognition encourages self-esteem and productive behavior.  Student Development programs celebrate student leadership, academic success, and community service.  Students are encouraged to earn recognitions to amplify their academic transcripts with a documented leadership/service record.

Community Service Opportunities
Engagement in the local and greater community is encouraged and service learning is important to students.  Activities and leadership roles are available to students interested in the betterment and protection of mankind and the environment.

Student Guidance and Advocacy
The Dean of Students and Student Development leaders provide guidance to students with concerns, making connections to resolve problems that may occur.  Counseling referrals are available, as necessary.  Advocacy and advisement for personal concerns oftentimes begins in Student Development.

Did You Know?

Hodges University has been granted a charter for a Student Chapter of the Southwest Florida Chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA).


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