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The Hodges University Clinical Mental Health Counseling program develops exceptional Master level students with a current knowledge base, solid skill base and an integrated professional value system in order to excel as Licensed Mental Health Professionals.
To achieve its mission, the Hodges University Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program supports the following principles:
  • To develop students’ counseling skills through cognitive, affective and psycho-motor practice informed by professional feedback.
  • To develop students’ practice identity through exposure to current theory and best practices, and by adopting the theories and practices for which they have an affinity.
  • To integrate students’ lifelong learning approach with their knowledge base through review of the latest writing and research.
  • To support students’ continued affective learning by continual personal growth and psycho-motor learning by continual practice and professional feedback.
Graduates of the program will be prepared for professional counseling positions in the Mental Health and Substance Abuse fields. The Master in Clinical Mental Health Counseling is specifically designed for graduates of the program to be eligible for candidacy for licensing as a Mental Health Counselor in the State of Florida. Students in the program will begin to develop their professional identity with a strong awareness of professional ethics, and a Master’s Degree level knowledge base and skill set in order to work with individuals, families, groups and the community at large. MCMHC graduates will be required to complete the core counseling skill courses and a series of electives. Courses may be offered in the classroom or online. See the Graduate Bulletin for detailed degree requirements.  Click here for the MCMHC annual report.

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