L. Chad Davis  '15

Physical Therapist Assistant

Special Recognition:
April 2013 Student of the Month
I am originally from Lancaster, PA. I moved here with my partner, Kevin, last April. I am a Navy Veteran, and have always been involved in the medical field. In the military I was a Hospital Corpsman. Being here at Hodges has been a tremendous boost to my confidence. I have been very grateful to meet so many talented and intelligent people. I always love to be there for others and help give people the boost of confidence they need to believe in themselves.  
Hobbies/extracurricular interests:
I enjoy making new friends, traveling, playing with my cock-a-poo, yoga, and spirituality.
Why did you choose Hodges University?
I choose Hodges because I knew the school was going to strengthen my intelligence. Hodges has kept me very busy and I am someone who needs to feel challenged to achieve. Another reason I chose Hodges is because it has a wonderful reputation for making great community leaders. In addition, I found the PTA program here to be a great fit. I feel that my goals of success are within my reach.  
What do you like best about Hodges University?
The professors here are awesome! The staff and faculty really make a connection with the students.  
What is your favorite class at Hodges University and why?
BSC 1100 Intro to Health Science with Professor Csuy is my favorite class because it is challenging and holds my interest. I love all my fellow classmates. Every week I look forward to coming to class. My professor has sparked a much deeper interest in the Sciences. I know that she knows her stuff, and she shares her real experiences.  
Previous college/educational experience:
Hospital Corpsman School (US NAVY) Harrisburg College  
Additional comments:
I am still in a state of shock; it means a lot to me that my fellow classmates and my professor have chosen me. I feel like I have become an effective leader and great communicator.  

Bachelor of Science in Management

The Management Program is designed to provide students with a well-rounded background in the management discipline and is delivered in a fast-paced environment.

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