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Bachelor in Science > The Bachelor of Science Degree in Digital Design and Graphics (DDG) is designed to prepare students for the emerging field of Digital Design including: print, packaging, identity, environmental, interactive, and 3-dimensional design. This program focuses heavily on the principles and practical applications of the modern day visual communicator. The required cores provide students with a solid foundation, and the specialty areas allow students a degree of specialization based on the individual designer's area of interest. See the Undergraduate Catalog for detailed degree requirements.

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The Associate in Science in Digital Design and Graphics program is designed to prepare students for entry level positions in the design and computer generated arts fields. This program blends practical and theoretical issues to ensure robustness and mastery of essential digital design and graphics skills. The required program courses solidify and build upon the student’s practical experience, emphasizing leading edge knowledge and current issues. The degree will prepare students for a number of current and new fields needed in areas such as graphics, multimedia, marketing, advertising, animations, and construction technology. See the Undergraduate Catalog for detailed degree requirements.
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Art comes in many different forms, and with the evolution of technology, the computer is now one of the most popular canvases in use today. Careers in graphic design, web design, computer animation, and computer aided drafting are all in great demand, and Hodges University is prepared to help pave the way for students interested in any of these career fields.
Hodges University’s degrees in Digital Design and Graphics are designed to prepare students for entry level positions in the design and computer generated arts field. The degree consists of three components: Liberal Arts, Business, and the Digital Design and Graphics core. The Liberal Arts and Business components follow well established Hodges University curriculum models that cover the fundamentals in these important areas, while the Digital Design and Graphics core consists of the following six courses:

  • Introductions to Visual Communications - Students will be taught to select and evaluate appropriate visual communication strategies and styles for a specific purpose.
  • Computer Essentials for Digital Media - Students will be taught to define and use basic terminology, principles and skills to create multimedia digital products.
  • Web Design - Students will be taught a basic understanding of web design in its current and projected uses in multimedia.
  • Civil Drafting - Students will be introduced to civil drafting, symbols, terminology, and standards, and will learn how to develop an engineering drawing–from survey notes to inclusion into a set of construction plans or an engineering report.
  • Architectural Drafting - Students are given an overview of the basic concepts of residential construction to include site planning, floor plans, room planning, wall sections, roof types, and elevations of single-story and multi-story structures.
  • Multimedia Portfolio - Through a collection of projects, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate the ability to present and apply the basic principles of marketing and advertising.

Potential students of this program may come from and have relevance to the government, marketing, advertising, engineering, construction, real estate, print, and art professions.

Let the computer be your canvas with a degree in Digital Design and Graphics from Hodges University.

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