Hodges names Student of the Month for May 2011

The Academic Committee of Hodges University has named Sean Bertrand the student of the month for May. The Academic Committee consists of the program chairs and other elected faculty, chaired by the Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Jeanette Brock.

“Due to his honorable service to our country as well as his dedication to both his parents and his academic career, I’d like to nominate Sean as the student of the month,” said Sharlee Denny-Smith, GI Bill Certifying Official at Hodges.  “It was necessary for Sean to leave the military to provide medical assistance for both of his parents.  He has also managed to pursue his education at Hodges University, and has been on the Dean’s List for his academic success.  Sean’s father says that he does not know how Sean is managing to make good grades as well as attending to their needs and trying to survive himself. Sean Bertrand does plan to return to the military when he is able. His story is truly inspirational.”

As student of the month, Sean Bertrand will receive a recognition certificate and a $100 tuition credit.

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