Leadership Institute 2008

The Leadership Institute Executive Management Program, (from Gulf Shore Business Daily) in partnership with Hodges University and the Leadership Collier Foundation, is accepting nominees for its 2008 class. During seven sessions, participants learn together to exercise tolerance for responses to adversity, hone their decision-making skills, and enhance their vision and competence levels. Applications are available at www.napleschamber.org/chamber/leadership-institute.aspx. Contact Jessica Kardas at 403-2910.

Vision: To create a community of Champions in Greater Naples and Collier County.

Mission: To hone the skills and competence of proven leaders and advance the quality of life of Greater Naples and Collier County.

Leaders are citizens of integrity who evoke followership and influence progressive change. The Leadership Institute provides an opportunity for executives to bond and build a progressive coalition of community trusteeship for the advancement of Collier County. Through the Institute, professionals acknowledged for their business, political and civic expertise, will enhance their ability to manage, coach and share.
During seven focused sessions, participants in The Leadership Institute learn together to exercise their tolerance for flexible responses to adversity, hone their decision-making skills, and enhance their vision and competence levels. The program is comprised of individuals motivated to learn methods in order to meet their own personal and professional goals more effectively, while contributing their talents to our community.
All applicants must evidence exceptional accomplishments in community, government or business. Once accepted, participants will receive a book of suggested readings for use throughout the Institute. Each participant will receive their own customized champion profile and personal achievement plan to assist in enhancing personal leadership goals.
Class members will experience a unique opportunity to visit with “the best of the best,” our Titan’s of Industry; leadership role models who spend time with participants in an informal Q and A interviewing format. Past “celebrity” guest speakers have included: Karna Bodman, Karl Geng, Al Hoffman, Tom Newton, Ned Putzell, Bill Schoen, and Tom Monaghan.

  • Twenty members will make up the 2008 Delegation of Leadership Institute
  • Tuition is $2000.00
  • All sessions will be conducted at Hodges University 
  • All sessions will begin promptly at 7:45 am and end by 4:00 pm.  
  • Detailed Session information on following page

Leadership institute Sessions

March 26 Introduction Session
ADMINISTRATIVE - Class members are briefed on the administrative elements of the program.  This session lasts approximately 3 hours and prepares participants for the course. 

April 2 Institute Session ONE
COMMUNICATION in LEADERSHIP - Class members will begin with an orientation of program highlights and leadership methodologies. Specific leadership “tools” will be presented that will be used during the Institute. Program administrators will introduce the Champion profile, personal achievement plan, and discuss several communication styles.
April 16 Institute Session TWO
SITUATIONAL LEADERSHIP - Participants share their personal definition of “leadership”, learn methods of situational leadership and University Trusteeship models.

April 30 Institute Session THREE
PEAK PERFORMANCE - Class members will focus on Leadership by choice. Participants will learn to distinguish between managing and leading, raising performance by raising expectations and ensuring goals are clear, measurable, and easily met. A guest speaker will facilitate the third session.

May 14 Institute Session FOUR
COMMUNITY TRUSTEESHIP - Participants will focus on the balance between “community trusteeship” and business. Class members will be introduced to the concept of civic responsibility and giving back to the community in a “win-win” way. A panel of nationally recognized community and business leaders will share successes from other communities which can set the stage for progress in Collier County.

May 28 Institute Session FIVE
CIVIC RESPONSIBILITY - Class members will discuss the importance of ethics in business and role of civic responsibility moderated by guest speaker.   Former government leaders will assist with case-study assignments.

June 11 Institute Session SIX
TOOLS in the TOOLBOX - Teams will present and contrast their case resolutions using “tools in the toolbox”. Session six will feature guest lecturers who are experts on community organization and development, civic advocacy and winning strategies for public advancement. All will discuss the role of community advocacy, techniques for civic negotiation and coalition building. The case will be an authentic yet masked business dilemma presented by a facilitator.

June 25 Institute Session SEVEN   -  GRADUATION RECEPTION
TIME TO ACT  - The program will climax with a panel of celebrity role model speakers, each an acclaimed leader in business government and civic affairs sharing their perspective of modern leadership. Class members will also conclude their own personal achievement plan.  Class participants present personal achievement plan and formulate community action model relevant to their class. 

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