IC Launches 2 new Masters Programs for Winter 2004 Term

Beginning January 15, International College will offer two new master degree programs: a Master of Science in Management and a Master of Information Systems Management. The two new offerings increase the number of master degree programs available at International College to six.

The Master of Science in Management (MSM) is designed to groom graduates for management positions in the public and private sectors. Students will have two concentrations to choose from: Executive Management or Human Resources.

“The Master of Science in Management degree gives students more options because they can use it anywhere. The candidate for this degree is going to be a management generalist who would like to have a wide variety of career options at an advanced executive level,” said Frederick Nerone, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Business. “Another attractive factor with the MSM program is that the human resources concentration is distinctly different from any advanced degree program International College has offered in the past.”

The human resources concentration was added after surveys from students, graduates, and businesses indicated a need, explained Nancey Wyant, Ph.D., Management Program Chair.

“Due to the competitiveness in the world today, there is a need for organizations to attract, hire, and retain the very best people,” Wyant said. “The Human Resources concentration within the MSM program will give students a better understanding of the skills necessary to attract, hire, and retain the best employees.”

The MSM is a natural progression for students who went through International College’s Bachelor of Science in Management (BMS), Wyant added. That pathway is exactly what led Cape Coral resident Pam Witteman to return to International College.

Witteman, 29, an aquatics coordinator for Charlotte County, earned her BSM in December 2002. She re-enrolled with the College after learning of the Executive Management concentration within the MSM program.

“I can apply all of the MSM executive management courses to my career because I am looking to attain a higher management position within the county government system. I want to achieve more and know I can do so with a master’s degree in management,” Witteman said.

Nerone and Wyant both believe the MSM program will be popular amongst students.

“The MSM program bridges the gap between theory and practices, and develops competencies in decision making, leadership, developing team players, and facilitating change in organizations,” Wyant added. “What students will come away with is the ability to think critically and possess vision, discern the future, and take risks necessary to institute change within their organizations, yet do so with ethical values. These skills can be applied in a broad range of professional settings in the public and private sector, as well as service and high-tech industries.”

Adults who want to pursue a management degree, but also need the skills necessary to supervise computer services can do so under the new Master of Information Systems Management (MIS).

The MIS program is designed to prepare students for management roles in information systems, which includes planning, monitoring, and executing a strategic technology plan for businesses and organizations.

Mike Nelson, Ph.D., Computer Information Technology Graduate Program Director said MIS is aimed at two types of students: Those who already possess the technical expertise but also wish to learn managerial skills, and those who supervise computer personnel/computer services but do not possess enough technical skills.

“Graduates of this program will be able to use technology and manage technology as a productive business tool. The goal is to prepare highly-skilled, technologically advanced managerial individuals who can meet the competitive demands of the workplace,” said Dave Rice, Computer Information Technology Program Chair. “This is another way International College can contribute to the overall growth and education of citizens in the southwestern region of Florida and beyond.”

Another key element to MIS is that students have the ability to complete the program entirely online. It was this aspect of the program that led student Allette Karavitis to switch majors. She initially was pursuing a master’s degree in Computer Information Technology.

“I switched because MIS is inclusively offered online. As a full-time supervisor with the national Park Service, I am heavily involved in national project work, which generally takes 110 percent of my time,” said Karavitis, who manages computer services for her office. “Traveling to a campus and back takes away from study time. The online component is more conducive to my schedule. Earning this degree will be a self-improvement tool for me. It will also allow me to get a foothold in a field I am involved in and love very much.”

The MIS degree curriculum requirements consist of 30 hours (21 core hours; 9 elective hours). The MSM curriculum consists of 30 hours and is offered in an accelerated format. For more information contact the Admissions office at 513-1122 in Naples.
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