International College ESL Students and International Day

Students enrolled in International College’s intensive English as a Second Language Program will conduct their own "International Day" festivities next week at campuses in Naples and Fort Myers.

The students, annually hailing from more than two dozen different countries from across the globe, routinely sponsor the event that serves as more than a commingling of native food, dress, dance and music, but also as a celebratory study of cultures.

"It’s functional and fun," says ESL Program Director Leisha Klentzeris."These students work very hard to master their grasp of the English language. The seriousness and determination behind their efforts usually involve life altering implications as their goals are to have better paying jobs, college degrees, a higher quality of life, and these are not casual concerns to these students. So, it’s special to come together on this one, less intensive, day each term to share aspects of their culture with others. For them, it’s not only fun, but a great privilege and honor to do this for students and faculty of the college."

Klentzeris adds another important, if not obvious, benefit comes from the opportunity for students to hone their newly acquired proficiency in English.

International Day receptions will take place from 12:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. at International College’s Fort Myers campus (July 26, 2006) and Naples campus (July 27, 2006).

To learn more about enrolling in International College’s English as a Second Language program, phone (239) 513-1122 or visit Online at
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