Hodges University releases summer 2013 Ft. Myers Honor Roll list

The Ft. Myers Campus of Hodges University has released the list of students who have made the Honor Roll.  To qualify, students must achieve a grade point average of 4.0 while attending part-time.

Over 70 students were designated for honor roll recognition.  The list is comprised of students within the University’s Fisher School of Technology, Nichols School of Professional Studies, Johnson School of Business and the School of Allied Health.

The summer 2013 Honor Roll follows: Aieysha O. Alamoudi, Mel Aristeigueta, Douglas W. Bailey, Carrie J. Bauer, Osmaikel E. Bernal, Cindy A. Bradford, Sheena M. Breen, Amber N. Brennan, Christopher J. Butcher, Michael W. Casady, Tiffany A. Casady, Josefina Chavez Villeda, Jannifer D. Clay, Terry L. Cochran, Jr., John B. Collier, Jerold L. Collis, Michelle L. Cropper, Ronald E. Curry, Jr., James M. Curtis, L. Chad Davis, Stephanie L. Davis, Michelle Delong, Juan C. Diaz, Haley C. Fletcher, Andrew A. Fraser, Ketinna L. Gadsden-Briscoe, Tara M. Galeoti, Saleena
C. Gee, Natalie Goldenberg, Phillip E. Greaves, Dawn Gubanich, Shelley A. Hackett, Deidre M. Jones, Jessica L. Krane, Timothy M. Lamontagne, John C. Lawrence, Kimberly S. Logan, Bryan E. Long, Stephanie R. Longobardi, Nicholas C. Loughren, Angela D. Maldonado, Rosalia Martinez, Traci L. McGuire, Cathy L. Murphy, Kimberly D. Muschong, Marie L. Nelson, Barbara M. Novak, Mikala N. Olancin, Kimberly D. Otway, Alejandra Paipilla, Ryan C. Parker, Brandon W. Partridge-Piper, Molly L. Pease, Shantell Pepe, Deborah R. Poldvee, Ashley M. Polk, Annette R. Pounders, Jerome A. Prendergast, Diego F. Prieto, Lisa A. Quaintance, Michael V. Reyes, Eric A. Roberts, Irenia Rojas, Tammy D. Rose, Eric W. Simmons, Gena M. Smith, Aisha E. Soto, Edgardo Suarez, Denisley Tabares, Cliffonny R. Teal, Samantha D. Thomas, Katherine M. Tincher, Daphne M. Torres, Christian M. Wainright and Kiondra T. White.

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