Hodges names Student of the Month for April 2011

The Academic Committee of Hodges University has named Flor Soriano the student of the month for April.  The Academic Committee consists of the program chairs and other elected faculty, chaired by the Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Jeanette Brock.

Flor Soriano has been an inspiration to me at work for over two years,” said fellow student, Gillian Cummings-Beck.  “Flor has a flair for life that would even shame the great motivational speaker Zig Ziglar.  She has recently returned to school to pursue a Bachelor’s degree and to the best of my knowledge is an exceptional student.   Like many of us, in order to return to school, Flor has had to overcome several obstacles but she still manages to maintain her schedule with a smile and with kind words for others.  Flor is a true inspiration.  If anyone ever says to me that they do not have time to pursue an education, I point to Flor and tell them that if Flor can find time, anyone can find time.”

 As student of the month, Flor Soriano will receive a recognition certificate and a $100 tuition credit.

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