Hodges Professor Part of International Team Studying Terrorism

Hodges University Professor part of international team studying terrorism Hodges University Criminal Justice professor Dr. Marian Mosser just returned from Israel where she spent three weeks at the Counter-Terrorism Executive Studies Course. The course was held at The Institute for Counter-Terrorism Interdisciplinary Center (IDC), Lauder School of Government Diplomacy & Strategy, Herzliya, Israel.
During her trip she met with international counter terrorism experts from many different countries that examined ways on how to counter terrorism. Among the topics discussed were terrorist motivations and capabilities, gender analysis of terrorist attacks, suicide bombing trends, Islamic radicalization, terrorist financing mechanisms, recent analysis of terror bombings, and potential trends for future global terrorism.
Dr. Mosser asserts that the global threat of terrorism is not going away, and that international cooperation among law enforcement and intelligence agencies is required if this phenomenon is to be contained. She holds it is not “a matter of if, but a matter of when” the U.S. will be the target of another terror attack. She stated that “it was extremely valuable to learn about historical and modern Middle Eastern perspectives concerning terrorism, especially, if there is any hope to contain it.” She further asserted that discussing terrorism from a global, interdisciplinary approach provides a powerful forum for "out of the box" thinking to counter this violent behavior. Understanding of the Israeli, Palestinian and other Arab nations’ perspectives is necessary.
Mosser also traveled throughout the country to better understand Israeli attitudes and feelings toward terrorism. While in Israel she interviewed several Israeli soldiers assigned to Gaza to fight terrorism and was briefed by a member of the Jerusalem bomb squad on their operations and tactics to counter acts of terror in Jerusalem.
Dr. Mosser is no stranger to the volatile topic of terrorism. During her service with the U.S. Army, she assisted government officials of several nations in creating strategies and methods that defeated terrorist organizations such as the Red Army Faction and the Red Brigade.
In the early 1990’s, she became the Chief of the Anti -Terrorism Operations & Intelligence Cell (ATOIC) at the Pentagon where she briefed senior military and civilian leaders on terror threats thus limiting terror attacks against U.S. soldiers and civilians worldwide. While assigned at the Pentagon, the first World Trade Center bombing occurred. She assisted in investigating the bombing and recommended strategies and procedures to senior military and diplomatic leaders worldwide to protect U.S. and other interests.
She remains involved in recommending to officials various strategies, policies and procedures to counter the current terrorism threat both globally and domestically.

ADDITIONAL INFO: Dr. Marian Mosser, Ph.D. She is currently a Criminal Justice Professor at Hodges University, Naples, FL teaching terrorism, homeland security and intelligence analysis courses to students from the Associate to the Master’s level. Dr. Mosser is available to speak on these topics and can be contacted at mmosser@internationalcollege.edu
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